Sunday, August 21, 2011

Look at What They DID!!!!!!

Oh my goodness....these families are crazy in love with orphans and Jesus and if we just lived 2 hours more north, we would SO BE CRASHING THEIR PARTIES! :)

This is the Families with Children from China group from Decatur/Athens/Huntsville area. Aren't they adorable?

And those paintings? They are beautiful!

But you know what is really beautiful? The heart behind the paintings.

This FCC group held a fundraiser with a place that offers painting classes. The business donated $25.00 for every seat sold for the fundraiser. The FCC group sold 28 seats!

And what are they going to do with the donations?

Give them all to New Day's Triple Matching Challenge for surgeries.

I could just cry. That makes me sing sing sing sing! So that means the challenge is about to be a LOT closer to the goal....

And more than that...sweet little children's lives will be saved.

Thank you FCC group. Monica, Jerry, Becky, Sherri, Austin...and ALL OF YOU sweet thangs....may God richly bless you for your generosity to His children! (and hey...yall wanna come down south for the NDS Rockathon? :)


Ashley said...

ooohhh is it almost rockathon time!?!? let me know i'll be glad to help i love the rockathon!

Kristi said...

When is said rockathon?
With a good notice and a prayer...