Thursday, September 1, 2011

Spotlight: KK!

(Thank you all for your sweet birthday messages for me! :) Made me cry!)

Katie Lyn, why did you have to turn 15? FIFTEEN? That makes me cry!

Because that means I have to teach you how to DRIVE!

Hee hee.

Katie Lyn I love that your baby brothers and sisters call you KK. You are one amazing big sister, you know that? You get such a kick out of the funny things your younger siblings say. In fact, you instigate most of those funny moments, yourself! I won't go so far as to say you aggravate....maybe just instigate, huh? ;)

You are taller than your momma now. That is driving you crazy, but trust me...height is a GOOD THING! You will be thankful for it one day! Especially when you become a Rockette! :)

I love that your style of clothing is modest and pretty with a hint of pizazz thrown in. :)
I love how when you babysit your 7 younger siblings, that you make them clean the house. And they DO IT! That is so helpful! You are going to make somebody a good wife and momma, honey!

And I haven't even mentioned your creativity! Oh my goodness. Your decorating sense is so classy. I truly trust all your opinions and advice when I ask for your help! You are serving on the decorating committee for a big banquet coming up at Lifeline, and even though you are the youngest on the committee, you are contributing in a huge way! I am so proud of you! And you are such an awesome seamstress. The dresses you made for Kimmie, Candie, & Cricket are adorable!

I don't want you to worry about Geometry and Biology. You are doing FINE! I am so proud of how hard you study when I know you're not "into" those two subjects! :) But what you ARE into? WRITING! You are a great writer! And you're not scared to branch out in your writing, either. That's what makes your papers so interesting!

I love that you will always be a daddy's girl!

And instead of playing soccer, you are running track. It's a challenge for you, but you're up for it! You've already increased your mileage in just a few weeks! WAY TO GO, HONEY! You're having to push yourself and persevere and you're learning that even though it's a struggle, it's worth it in the end. I pray that will carry over into your adulthood and spiritual life. When things get tough, and they will...I pray your perseverance and endurance in Christ will be strong!

Some of your favorite people are Anna,



Mrs. Shalita, all your siblings, & Mrs. Paula, & all the kids at New Day.
(Hey Sean! You're with your forever family now! And Hey Ajay (Judah)! You're with your forever family now too and we're praying for you buddy!)
You also love those rare occasions when you get to be with your cousins!

You love to eat Krispy Kreme doughnuts, pizza, and Froot Loops. I'm so thankful you crave healthy things. :)

You love China. Everything China. The food, the language, the people, the culture, the village streets, the shopping...everything! You are doing GREAT learning Mandarin! We can't fathom what God's plans are for you and how He has planted this love in your heart. We share your passion, honey! We are behind you all the way.

Even though you love China dearly, you are praying about going on a mission trip to Nicaragua next year. Your mission minded life is a testimony to God's work in you!

You love spending time with your grandparents and I love hearing your conversations with them! So grown up! You truly are engaging and lively and fun to talk to!

I love how you still love to put on 'shows' with your brothers and sisters! Very entertaining!

I love when you decorate the basement and pretend it's a restaurant for your dad and me. We have had some great dinners downstairs by ourselves, thanks to your creativity! Who needs to go out on dates when you make us feel so special by creating dinners by candlelight for your parents?

Having you around is beginning to feel more like having a friend and confidant rather than a little child. I love that feeling. Our relationship is very very close and I wouldn't trade that for anything. You have always been the one who tells me every little detail of your life...please don't ever stop sharing with me! I love that we can laugh together at funny things Kevin says and we can laugh at silly moments between Kimmie and Quan and we can laugh at each other, right? :) (Like when you were telling me about a movie you watched where a herd of 'canteloupe' were on a stampede. "And no, it wasn't antelope, mom. Canteloupe? OH! It was CARIBOU!"--oh that made your momma laugh! I'm so glad to have someone as 'blonde' as me! :)

You are very much a go-getter & leader. Lead well and wise, Katie Lyn! God has blessed you with a rare gift of sweet spirited leadership. People want to follow you. Your younger siblings want to be like you. Stay close to the SOURCE and you will always lead others to HIM! :)

Lastly, but really FIRST, I love how you love Jesus. You faithfully have a quiet time every morning, reading the Word and a devotion and journalling some days. The fruit of the time you spend with Him is evident in your countenance, sweetheart. It's evident in your service to Him by how you serve your family and friends. It's evident in your patient endurance with so many younger children around. It's evident in your shining eyes! (or is that shine a little mischief too? :)

You are certainly one special young woman and I am BLESSED BEYOND MEASURE that God gave you to me as my FIRST BABY!


Kristi said...

Hey KK,

You know that you are a pretty big deal in the M house too, right? My kiddos adore you and I too think you are an amazing young woman.
It is exciting to see the light of Christ not just shine, but burn brightly, in you. I have a feeling that you are going to be part of a generation that really changes the world for our Creator!
Love and hugs from the M family!

Football and Fried Rice said...

I just cant believe that you are "old" enough to have a driver in the family (although, i am guessing this will come in handy to have around!)

happy 15th Birthday, KK - you are a beautiful young lady and your family is blessed greatly by you!

Anonymous said...

We think you are awesome! I am so glad Hannah has you for a precious friend and writing buddy! ;) It is obvious that God has great plans for you, and the most important thing is that He is glorified through you.

Alycia said...

Blessings on your birthday and always Katie Lyn! You are a blessing to know! We hope to see you and the entire Ferrill gang SOON!
We miss you all!
Have a wonderful, wonder-filled birthday!

The Apostolides family

living4him5 said...

Oh my goodness, she is just beautiful!!!!

I'm just catching up on my blogs...Happy birthday to both of you!!!!

Much love,
Amy <><

Paula said...

KATIE LYN, WE LOVE YOU! You know the Fargarsons think the world of you.

One of my favorite things about you is that you are quite talented at aggravating and yet you always seemed so surprised when I aggravate YOU. You will look at me and say, "Mrs. Paula??!!" It still makes me laugh!:)

I also LOVE that you tell your mama everything, so she can keep me well-informed as to what you and Anna are up to. Keep it up!

You are precious, Katie Lyn ... and whether it works out for you to marry into my family or not (hehe),I will always consider you one of my own.

Love you!
Mrs. Paula

Our Journey to China said...

Happy Birthday, sweet KK! We are so blessed to have been on our journey with you in China. And NC, E just fell in love with you even more. God shines through you, sweet one. We are so thankful to be a witness to glimpses of what God is doing in your daily life. Hang on, sweetheart, God has BIG plans for you!! We love you!!

Shalita said...

Katie Lyn,

I think I want to be YOU when I grow up! You are quite a girl, but I already knew that!

I love how sometimes you just shock us all with what comes out of your mouth! You have such a great sense of humor (and yes, your mama is right sometimes your blondness shines through really bright)!!! But that just makes you even cuter!!

You are a RAY OF SUNSHINE!!! It has been a joy watching you grow both physically and spiritually!!!Our family absoultely adores you!!!