Thursday, August 18, 2011

Too sweet not to share!

Or better titled:

"Three Sweets that are Too Sweet Not to Share!"

The first sweet is a new bloggy friend Valerie who made some adorable twirly skirts and dresses for the girls at New Day! Go here to see all those precious twirly girls! Can you spot Crickett?

The second sweet is almost too sweet to believe....ANOTHER MATCHING GRANT for the kiddos at New Day to receive their much needed surgeries! But are not going to believe it. It is not just a matching grant. It is a TRIPLE matching grant. No, not double your will be TRIPLED thanks to two families who are BOTH matching every dollar up to $5,000.00!!!!!!! Oh praise the Lord! Isn't that AMAZING???????? Check out the chip in button on the side bar or go to Carrie's blog here and see the details...

And the third sweet is a little boy who is very dear to our hearts....little Jonah at New Day South. We have fallen in love with this little guy....and we think you might fall in love with him too. And maybe, just maybe...he could be your son! Yes...I mean YOUR SON! I am talking to YOU! (you know who you are....:) Will you pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease pray for sweet Jonah? Yall, I am telling you....some family is going to have their socks blessed off by this sweet spirited little guy! Go HERE to fall in love...


Football and Fried Rice said...

I am not sure my heart can take any more?? Arent those ND sweeties the best!?!?!??!

Is Jonah on the shared list??

living4him5 said...

Oh Laine,

PRECIOUS babies...I want them all!!!

THank you for your prayers, love ya so much!!!

Amy <><

ps..I saw crickett girl!