Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Look at the chip in button! The matching goal is MET!!!!! Oh my goodness!!!!!!! That is SO exciting! And no, I'm sorry, it's not MET. It's SURPASSED!!!!!! (insert lots of giggles!!!!)

Did yall get to read any of the New Day stories on Carrie's blog? Oh go over and read them! SO FAITH BUILDING! And Lord willing and the creek don't rise, then Kevin's story will be next on her blog....(if his momma can get it together to write it, for the love!)

Did you not get a chance to donate to the surgery matching fund? Don't worry! You still can! OR you can go to Kristi's blog and donate to the formula drive. Either way, it's a WIN WIN!

On a very sad, somber note...please pray for the nannies and staff at New Day as one of their precious babies Paige passed from this life yesterday morning....when you feel connected to New Day as I know many of you do, it hurts us all, doesn't it? We grieve with all of our friends at New Day. And we continue to praise God for New Day and the love they show to each child. May we all participate in that kind of risky love...every child is so worth it. So while we are saddened and grieving, we are also inspired by that unconditional love. Paige had a serious heart condition that was similar to Kevin's...I'm hugging and squeezing my boy a little more today.


Southern Cheesehead said...

so exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm bummed that I was so behind on your blog and just now getting caught up to where I couldn't experience each thing as it happened and rejoice with you at that time!!! I'm so excited you guys are close to travel...and selfishly bummed that we don't get to do it together...was so hoping we would. We pray for you guys daily...miss you daily...and can't wait for the day that we get our China babies together!!! We love you and your entire family so much!!!

Trace Car Driver said...

i agree... i got behind on your blog... but i'm caught up now! and what awesome posts i have read. love the spotlights (happy belated bday btw.. your hubby is too sweet!) can't believe how big your girls are getting... and so very excited to read the adoption update. god is so good! love ya!