Thursday, September 22, 2011

an unexpected provision!

Thank you for your sweet comments and prayers for our yard sale! Well, here it is, the eve before our yard sale, and God has done something completely unexpected!

Sunday afternoon we received a phone call from Pastor Eric Hixon of the church we've been visiting (and dearly love) a bunch this summer.

Seems God had laid on the hearts of the elders and fathers of the church to give us a matching grant to help us attain the funds needed for our travel expenses to bring home Keith and Crickett!

We are so humbled, speechless, and grateful! Honestly, we have not made our needs known publicly because God had not led us to do so yet. Then after this sweet church family found out we were having a yard sale to help with the cost of travel, they didn't hesitate to jump in and live out Romans 12: "13 Share with the Lord’s people who are in need. Practice hospitality." (thank you Rebekah!!!)

We have experienced this outpouring of love so much, especially the last four years in our adoption journeys.

From the amazing amount of funds that so many of you donated for Kimmie and Quan coming home...

to the prayers for us as we ventured into the unknown of older child adoption with Candie...

to the travel funds you helped us raise to adopt Kevin, and then the thousands of prayers you sent up after his surgery and many complications...

Truly we are overwhelmed with gratitude for the love of the Body of Christ in our lives. We know that it is ALL HIM!

In calculating our in-country costs (which include 5,000.00 orphanage fees per child) plus travel fees and airline flights, we are looking at a solid $15,000.00 more that we will need to bring Keith and Crickett home.

Now I want to be completely transparent here.

Three months ago, we had all the money we needed to complete this adoption.

In the spring of 2010, we planned a mission trip with our entire family for July 2011. We really did not expect to be adopting again. So when the Lord led us to begin the adoption process last fall, we just assumed that would mean no mission trip.


After praying day after day, month after month, God kept confirming over and over again that we were supposed to go on this mission trip.

It didn't make sense.

We knew if we went, it would almost exhaust our adoption money.

But God clearly said GO.

So we did. And it wrecked our hearts in a good way!

And so back to the adoption costs, we knew we would be a bit short at the time of travel, and we were praying for God to provide. He kept telling us that He already had! And so we've been trusting and seeking and listening for Him.

And from Him, through New Covenant Baptist Church in Oneonta, Alabama, He is providing us with a matching grant...

dollar for dollar....

up to $5,000.00!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay since the New Day matching funds are fresh on my mind, then I can easily do the math...that's a possibility of $10,000.00 toward our travel costs! WOWEE WOW WOW!!!!!

If you feel led by God, and would like to make a tax-deductible contribution to the matching grant for our adoption, you may mail a check made payable to New Covenant Baptist Church, (make sure to write on the bottom for: Ferrill Adoption) to:

New Covenant Baptist Church
c/o Adoption Fund
P.O. Box 4
Oneonta, AL 35121

I want to thank each of you for praying for us, for your emails and phone calls and encouragement you give us. Honestly, if not one person feels led to give, we praise GOD! Because in the end, it is not about how much money He brings is about how much GLORY HE RECEIVES!!!!! And I hope and pray that each of you will take this post in the love and sincerity that I am writing it. Please know that YOU ARE LOVED. Since the blog is private and we know all our readers, it makes writing this post so much easier (though I still am so horrible at letting our need be known, not gonna's a pride thing and I confess it and ask your and God's forgiveness!)

God bless you, precious friends and sweet family....we love you! Now off to a 2 day yard sale! Praying God will bring just the people He intends to be there!


The Byrd's Nest said...

Wow...Wow...Wow!!!! God is SO amazing! Yay for your family for trusting in Him and being obedient:) I am so excited for all of you!! And Yay for the obedience of the church, they sound amazing!

The Kratzers said...

God always provides.

Aaron and Erica said...

Oh how I loved hearing your voice on my voice mail last night...I'm so sorry I missed your call. I'm amazed, and so filled with praise for what God has done, and is doing in your family! I love you friend, and I will be calling you soon to catch up.