Monday, September 19, 2011


We are having a yard sale Friday & Saturday, September 23 & 24th! I have not had a yard sale in four years (since we were fundraising for Kimmie and Quan's adoption). We're hoping God will use this yard sale to His glory to provide some of the remaining funds we need to bring Keith and Crickett home.

We have been cleaning out like crazy. CRAZY. Even Kevin! I hold up a truck and say, "Kevin, do you want to keep it or sell it?" He says "SEWW IT!!!" Then he races to throw it in the yard sale pile. I was gettin' kinda concerned that he was just 'sewwing' things because of the thrill of throwing things in the pile. Those fears were erased when I held up his green garbage truck and said, "Kevin, do you want to keep it or sell it?"

He looked at it for a minute. You could tell his little wheels were turning in his head and he was really hesitant. Then he said,


I love that boy! He knows what he wants! (Now when yard sale day actually happens, I realize he might change his mind about lots of stuff....but I'm really praying that he or any of my children will not have 'sellers' remorse! :)

Email me if you want to come check out our sale...there just may be something you might want! Or maybe you want to get rid of your own yard sale pile but don't feel like foolin' with a yard sale...I'll come pick up your stuff! :)


Kristi said...

Oh sweet Kevin...

Praying that you guys are blown away by what comes in for the sale.

And we're almost done going through our garage (you know, the room I was going to have to kill you if you saw it when you were here) but I can't seem to get up the gumption to have a sale. Wanna bring a U-haul and pick up our stuff? ;)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like it's gonna be a good one!

The Byrd's Nest said...

Love sweet Kevin:( I was a little disappointed I didn't get to see his sweet little face on Skype...maybe next time! Praying for this sale my friend!!!!

Pandamonium Mom said...

I have a dear friend adopting right now. And she has the coolest yard sale story. She did a yard sale labor day weekend (and opening football weekend) and *hoped* she'd make a few hundred. She called me afterwards to say she made over $2800!! She had an adoption payment due the very next week. The total amount she made on her yard sale was *exactly* what she needed for her payment + 14 cents!! Not that God's going to do that *exact* same thing. I had a yard sale for Hannah's adoption and didn't do near as well...but God provided what I needed when I needed it. And He showed my friend He'll do the same for her. And, as you well know by now..He'll give you what you need too. But that was just the coolest story that I couldn't help sharing it!!

Aaron and Erica said...

We just had a FABULOUS garage sale a few weeks ago. God showed up big and blessed us with a great turnout! We made over $1000! Guess where that money is going? :)

So I know you are knee deep in pricing and organizing on this Thursday night but I'm praying sweet blessings on your family as you work together. And...may you be astonished tomorrow and Saturday with a SLEW of people wanting to buy your "junk" :)

Love you!


Our Journey to China said...

Praying your yard sale was a MIRACLE beyond your wildest imagination - God can do that! :0)