Monday, November 21, 2011

"The Adjustment"

No I didn't see a movie called this....but I knew I wanted to tell yall some details about how Keith and Crickett are adjusting!

When we got in the Burb to drive to our home, Keith was so excited to see Baba drive! He thought that was the neatest thing! Baba can drive? Imagine that!

I have to confess and say that I did something I've NEVER done with a newly adopted child. I did not force Crickett kicking and screaming into the car seat. Anyone remember Kevin's ride home from the airport last year? Yeah, I just was too weary for a re-match with this strong willed sister of his, so I just plopped her in my lap from the get go and pretended we were still in China.

Imagine my surprise when we went to the mall today (you can read "the help" post all about that) and she didn't even utter a word when I buckled her in her car seat! WOW! What a great treat!

When we got home, Keith got out of the car in our messy garage and said "WOW!" I said, "Yeah, welcome home buddy! You'll get used to the mess!"

We walked in the basement and he was ELATED with the Thomas train table, the playroom, the cars, the Cozy Coupe....he doesn't have a long attention span anyway, but at this point he went in high gear and literally played with almost every toy for about 2.5 seconds each. Imagine a gnat flying around your face....that was his energy level and focus factor! He was so excited and happy! He loved seeing his bed and where Quan and Kevin would sleep. He was precious!

Crickett just focused on the riding toys in the playroom...she was quietly content and would flash her sweet, mischevious smile at our friends!

They have both just loved having the space to play. In our cramped hotel rooms, there just wasn't a lot of room for that. I love being home, yall! I love them having room to explore and discover and be loud and play! They seem to be adjusting so well. My mom said, "well, maybe the roof might cave in tomorrow, but it just seems like they've been home forever!" I totally agree!

What a blessing that we were all in China together. They don't have to get used to new siblings because they already know them all! They just play play play together. Oh how it blesses my heart! I mean, yes, we have moments....but that's to be expected between siblings whether you're newly adopted or not, can I get an AMEN?

Keith thrives on routine. Oh how he loves it! What a blessing!

Crickett thrives on pressing the ABC song button on the big refrigerator play toy magnet. Over and over and over again. She is already singing along with it! Thank you New Day! Oh my!

Keith hasn't gained many seconds on his attention span yet...but hopefully that will come in time. He sure does love Quan and Kevin.
These three put another whole dimension to the phrase "partners in crime"

And he is SO sweet with his "Mei Mei" Crickett. He really looks out for her and shares a seat with her in the Cozy Coupe. Yall, he is the most amazingly sweet boy. He shares and wants to help as much as he can! He has a big ol' heart of love! He says "Wo Ai Ni" (I love you) multiple times a day...almost so much that it's like he's just saying it to have something to say that we will understand, bless his heart! He is already learning English (he says "Obey Mama, Obey Baba" to Kevin and Crickett!), but I don't want him to lose his Chinese! We will have to be diligent about that! Maybe let him watch his Chinese DVD cartoons so he'll keep the language? He can do EVERYTHING with his hands...just like Kimmie! Speaking of Kimmie, he loves her so! He loves to hold her hands and study them and compare them to his. God is just so amazing to allow these two to have each other! Thank you Lord!

Crickett's first cheese balls....thank you Mrs. Shalita!

Crickett is such a baby doll! She mimics everything we say! In China, when she would wake up in the mornings, Rob would whisper "Hey Baby!" Now she whispers that to us! It is ADORABLE! She loves to brush her teeth and that keeps her occupied for a long time at the sink. Granted, we have to change her clothes because she's sopping wet, but oh well! She LOVES to sing and dance. She and Keith both are so uninhibited! I LOVE that! Crickett continues to pitch some big ol' fits when she doesn't get her way. She'll learn! Wooooo that will of hers!

Our first dinner together around our table, thank you Williams family!

They both eat EVERYTHING! We are so thankful for good eaters!

They both LOVE bathtime!

And now I cannot keep the eyes open any longer....more to until next time--we continue to thank God and pray for His guidance as we raise our children His way! It is only through HIM we can be godly parents to 10 (gulp!) children!


Connie J said...

Love seeing ya'll at home! Praying you get some rest as you continue to settle in. What a big, fun family!!!! Happy Thanksgiving, sweet sister!

The Byrd's Nest said...

"That will" lives at my house too:) I'm here for ya sister if you ever need me!!!

Sounds like everyone is settling in. We are praying so hard for all of you. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving week my friend, there is so much to be thankful for:)

Tina said...

SO happy you all made it home safely. It was so fun "following" you to China again. Hope your new normal sets in quick!!

Keri Mason said...

Welcome home! Laine, I love your family so much. So happy for you all. Keith and Crickett are adorable. I hope to meet them soon! Happy Thanksgiving!

The Collier Bunch said...

Welcome home guys. We followed your journey and have had you in our prayers. Glad you are safely home.

As a trivia note the little cute blonde girl in "The Help" is actually a set of twins that are adopted. I got to see them in real life a few weeks ago.

living4him5 said...

So happy to see you all home safe and sound with your babies.

God bless and Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Amy <><

Jennifer Taylor said...

So happy to see you all home together!! What a blessing!

Our Journey to China said...

I just Love, Love, Love this post! I am so glad God is on the throne and molded your family through your obedience to His will! It is just awesome!! I think E and Crickett might just meet their matches. :0) Love and Hugs to you ALL!!

Kristi said...

Look. at. that. FULL. table!
Can we come join you?

TanyaLea said...

This is THE BEST post! I just loved reading everything about the kids and how they are adjusting. It seriously brought tears to my eyes.

The Ferrill Family rates up there at the top of my 'favorite families' list and I just have to say: I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

Keep up the great work in lovin' on all those precious treasure God has blessed you with and keep on keep'in on and training them up in the way they should go! You are a wonderful example to so many and I am just blessed to 'know' you. Now move to Minnesota already, would ya! ...I know, it's tempting, right!?! ;) hahaha!!!

Love & Hugs,