Sunday, December 11, 2011

A Prayer Request amidst the hustle and bustle!

Hi and How are you and I'm so sorry I haven't updated in so long and I have 4,000 posts swimming in my head and 4,000 children who aren't conducive to mom sitting at the computer for long blogging periods (or emailing periods, apparently...sorry I need to reply to many many emails...)

Okay maybe I don't have 4,000 children, but still. :)

We are really doing so well, and I will write more details on the fun (maybe a little fighting too) that we have been having this month!

But we have an immediate need for prayer this week and I just wanted to see if anyone still stops by and is hanging in there and being so patient with my lack of updating....well....could you please pray for us this week?

Crickett has an ultrasound on her kidneys tomorrow (Monday morning). Routine for children with anal atresia. We're praying she will get an "all's well" report!
Crickett got her first haircut...we thought she couldn't get any cuter, but, um...well, just look at her! I know. Yall can share my spoon so we can eat her up together!

Keith and Kevin have a double cardio appointment Wednesday. Kevin will get an echo to see how his heart, shunt, and lungs are progressing. Keith will get an echo to see about his ASD repair and if he needs any further procedures. A double echo day, how about that? :) Honestly, I'm trying not to be anxious...cardio appointments just do that to me. We're praying both our heart boys get an "all's well" report too!
Hard to believe these two active rascals are heart babies!!!!! Training them in God's ways is going to make ME have a heart condition, LOL!


Tammy said...

Yes we are still "hanging out" for your blogs. Best of luck with all the MD appts. Prayers going up!!!

Alycia said...

We're still here!
Praying for all the appointments this week! Please pray for my niece as she goes to the neurologist tomorrow (Monday). She is still having trouble with her hand after her last seizure. She is going to be three on Thursday!
We love you all! If we don't get the chance to talk before Christmas, have a BLESSED one!
Alycia and all

Kristi said...

Praying for sweet Crickett this morning ~ we're headed to Duke to visit the "polka dot doctor" for Miss DQ.
And those boys...I'll be praying for both their hearts and yours as well!
LOVE each and every one of the Ferrill Clan!

Anonymous said...


southern cheesehead said...


familyof8 said...

We have been praying for your we have specific request to lift to Father. Trusting that you are holding up with all those little ones.
Caroline asked me yesterday "when can see Kimmie and
all her brothers and sisters again. It's been far too long Mom!!" Too cute.

Hope we can schedule a visit early in 2012. Are you still heading to the beach after Christmas? Let me know.

Love you,


The Byrd's Nest said...

Praying for all three babies!!!! (And Momma too:) Love you my sweet friend!!

Our Journey to China said...

So praying this morning for sweet Crickett and mama. :0) And we will be praying for the boys' appointments as well. One thing God is teaching me through the generational age differences of our blessings, is that He has more to teach me than them at times. :) Oh, Laine, you are so faithful and I know that is why He trusts you with so much! Praying God's grace and strenth over you my sweet sister! Love you! Hey - reunion soon?! I know - not yet - just so anxious to meet the new littles!!! :0) Love you!!

The Collier Bunch said...

We have done the double cardio days. They can be interesting but overall it is a huge time saver to do two of the kids the same day.

You are all in our prayers, so glad to see an update from you.

Maria would love to see Kevin some time soon.

Forrest, Robin and family.

Laura P said...

Jeepers! We pray for you all EVERY DAY! TEN KIDS! Patient Mama and Baba! We know everything is going well with the "newbies". So glad everyone is learning to be REAL siblings together. You and Rob already had a "heart" condition - it led you to adopt 6 into a forever family. We'll continue to pray for good reports for everyone! Love to all.