Thursday, January 5, 2012

For Our Chinese Speaking Friends...

eating an enormous candy necklace together

Our 3 little New Day blessings *might* squabble from time to time.

Just a tad.

But today's daily boxin' match involved Keith's little toy laptop he was playing up a storm.

Apparently, according to Keith and as far as my limited Chinese understanding could tell, Crickett thought the laptop was hers. Keith told me that Crickett (who he calls 'Cookie'--so cute!) said "MEI MEI DA!!!!! MEI MEI DA!!!!!!!!!" (meaning she was telling Keith the laptop was Mei Mei's (hers---little sister's)

So I looked at Crickett and said "Bu Mei Mei da" (meaning no, it's not yours)

And Kevin, who always has something to say about everything,( EVERYTHING), said "GOD da!"'s ALL God's! You're right Kevin!


Alycia said...

Sweet little man!
i love it how he and Adahlyn always have something to say about EVERYTHING!!! i wonder if it is something they learned in preschool?!
we love you all!
Alycia and fam.
p.s. Audy starts back to college in California on Monday... prayers are appreciated! She is so excited!!

Tina said...

lol, priceless!

The Crazy Eight Toering Clan said...

This is PRECIOUS!!! I can't wait to see these little goobers again. Love you guys!!

Our Journey to China said...

I just love it! Yeah, Kev! :0) "God da!"

Anonymous said...

Love it!!! That is awesome!

The Byrd's Nest said...

(hee hee) Love that little guy:)

Hannah said...

Oh, this made me grin so big.