Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I really don't remember a time...

when Kevin didn't have that scar going down the middle of his chest.

What did his chest even look like before?

Granted, he had only been in our arms a short 4 weeks before he had surgery that gave him his signature scar.

His scar is a reminder of the 'something new' that God gave the doctors to try to protect his lungs.

His scar reminds me of God's faithfulness.

I am SO THANKFUL for that scar.

I'm thinking of his scar today a lot. I guess because of little Teresa. And another child in China who had a very successful heart surgery as we were sleeping last night (thank you Jesus!) I know her forever family is so thankful for her scar, even though her scar is not really a scar's still a fresh, oozing wound. But one day it WILL be a scar, and her forever family will look at it and always remember what God did for their little girl, for His glory.

Kevin's scar makes me think of my scars too. You can't see them. I can't see them either. But they are there. And I am thankful for them.

Because of my scars, God has shaped me into who I am today. (and still shaping me, thank you Lord)

Kevin's scar makes me think of Jesus, too. No doubt, we will one day see His nail-scarred hands.

Those scars that show what He did for us. Out of love and obedience to His Father. Jesus' scars are the ultimate scars to gaze upon and be so thankful. Without His scars, where would we be? I shudder to think. Thank you Lord for your mercy and forgiveness poured out on us.

I know in Joshua chapter 4 the Israelites set up stones so they would remember God's faithfulness. Memorial stones.

I propose that scars can be memorial stones in a way.

And I KNOW that you have scars too. What do they remind you of? God's faithfulness? His mercy? His discipline? Or just a bad bike wreck? :)

...I think I'm just gonna have to go now.

I feel the need to go kiss not just Kevin's scar...but Keith's twin scar too!!!!!!!!!!! DOUBLE SCARS AND DOUBLE MEMORIALS TO GODS FAITHFULNESS AND MERCY TO OUR BOYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The Byrd's Nest said...

He is a miracle and he reminds all of us of God's faithfulness:) Love you!

living4him5 said...

He is so precious. I wonder if my Gracie will have a scar. I PRAY she is operable.

Love ya!

Jennifer Taylor said...

Such great and true words! I love reading your heart!!

Our Journey to China said...

Oh, thank you for sharing a reminder of God's grace for Kevin, Keith, you and even me....and all of God's precious childen. Big hugs to our little buddy! :0)