Friday, January 6, 2012

Locust Fork, anyone?

Locust Fork seems like a really odd name for a town, doesn't it? But no matter the name, if you've got a hankering for some yummy homemade goodies, come on out to this little town and support Katie Lyn and her friend Hannah who are raising money for a mission trip to Nicaragua!

They'll be selling these yummies tomorrow (Sat, Jan 7) at the Dollar General in Locust Fork. Hwy 79. Not a big town, so you won't miss the DG, don't worry!

P.S. How did this town get the name Locust Fork? It's one thing to think about the locust bug...but a fork with it? Ewwwwwww!!!!!!!


Paula said...

How was the bake sale? Wasn't it sweet of the Lord to hold off the rain?!

Laine said...

the bake sale was such a BLESSING! No rain, not too cold or too hot, fellowship with Rebekah and got to meet lots of people she knew (which was pretty much everybody who stopped by the table, LOL!) and God brought Hannah and Katie Lyn $413.00 for the mission trip! $413.00 at a BAKE SALE! :) I love Him! The Oreo truffles and cupcakes were GONE, I tell ya...GONE!

Our Journey to China said...

Praise God for the fund raiser! Go, KK!!! Our church sponsors an orphanage in Nic. :0)