Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thankful Thursday

1. the smell of fresh muffins in my oven

2. clean hardwood floors that shine even on a rainy day (thank you Tricia)

3. encouraging conversations with moms at church last night

4. Keith and Kevin who are gifts from God to keep me humble lest I think my children are perfect (big grins)

5. footy pajamas on little children

6. coffee

7. coffee

8. coffee

9. coffee

10. coffee


MamaHen said...

Oh honey, the coffee, a true gift.... With lots of creamer :)

Somehow when we got the computer virus thing lots of the blogs I read went missing. And then tonight you popped up! Who knows????

I have been catching up on your posts. Can you say Adorable with a Capital A? All of them!!!!

Our Journey to China said...

Oh, sweet friend, so many blessings, God is so very good! And yes, LOTS of coffee and creamer!! An extra special 'mama' gift from our Father! :0) He cares about EVERYTHING! :)

The Crazy Eight Toering Clan said...

Laine, every morning when I drink my coffee with my peppermint mocha creamer in it, I think of you and your stash and smile :)

HUGS to Kevin and Keith and all their mischievous antics. Love love love them.

Can't wait to see you all and hear all about your Christmas. Miss you!!!!

PS...we are DTC as of 1/12!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :)

Paula said...

I do not appreciate coffee the way you do ... but I AM thankful for YOU! You ... and my fleece pajama pants which I plan to wear today as long as I can! :)

Keisha said...

I need some more today! ;)
Did you know those footy pajamas come in adult sizes?!!....LOL!
Fer real....

Steve and Jan said...

Hey Laine,

Thinking of you this morning as I drink my coffee :)

Miss you guys! Give all those babies a big ol' hug from us!