Sunday, February 12, 2012

I was afraid....

...that after Katie Lyn and Rob came back, they would be on fire for God in Nicaragua, and that I would not be. My heart is in China. How could I love another country and long to go to a different country than China? And worse, what if Katie Lyn and Rob's passion for God in China was lessened because their passion for God in Nicaragua was so strong? I mean, we are a China family, right?

Oh my feeble mind and heart.

We are not a China family. We are a God fearing family. And God loves the NATIONS.

How could I think that He could not possibly expand our hearts to love another country? Hasn't He expanded our hearts to love more and more children as He has added to our family?

God forgive me for being so narrow-minded. And thank you for your mercy in breaking our hearts for more and more nations.

Our love for the people of China decrease? Oh no. If anything, the flame God sparked 5 years ago is burning brighter today for that country AND for does He do that? How does He expand our heart to love more and more, just when we don't see anyway that we could have more passion or energy? (answer: His Spirit living in us)

Katie Lyn and Rob may have said goodbye to Nicaragua yesterday, but that farewell ushered in a warm 'hello' Nicaragua in our hearts....they have only briefly shared a few stories and already I am ready to GO!!!!! (good thing Delta flies to China and Nicaragua :)


The Crazy Eight Toering Clan said...

I can't wait to hear all about this trip!!! SO glad Rob and Katie Lyn made it back safely!

Anonymous said...

Is there a "like" button on here anywhere? ;)

Dollar General said...

There is one picture I gave you where you can see the whole bench and that y'all only filled up a portion. I did that on purpose and when I was editing it I thought... THERE IS PLENTY OF ROOM on that bench for some more lovely Ferrill faces. The Lord is so kind to you and has blessed you beyond measure! Love is really an amazing thing. Not to mention I've been told it's a choice... SO, it's up to you!! Today, I'm choosing to love you ;) Who knew?!? HA!

Keri Mason said...

Our church goes to Nicaragua. Gene went last year and I stayed home with Eden so I know what you mean. I hope to go someday soon. But not before I got to CHINA to get a little one home!! Love yall!

The Byrd's Nest said...

Well...I would have to say that Spanish would be MUCH easier to learn than Mandarin!!!! lol

I love love love your family and your love for the Lord! I can't wait to hear all of the stories my sweet friend:)

Kim said...


I love your heart! I'm always blessed when I stop by for a visit.

Thank you,

Kristi said...

I have read and re-read this post trying to best capture my feelings. Again and again I realize that there is no need, you totally said what is in my mind.
God loves the orphan. Here, there, anywhere. And He can fill our hearts to overflowing so that we can be his hands and feet to minister ~ no matter where on this planet of His we stand.
I sure hope that Katie Lyn will hijack the blog one day and give us a first hand account of her journey with the Lord to Nicaragua!
Love you all!