Monday, February 6, 2012

Nicaragua Day 2 and 3

We didn't hear much from our Nicaragua mission team on Sunday. It was a busy day for them with church and travel to Juigapa (probably spelled that WAY wrong, it's pronounced "wee-gapah"). We received a few short emails from them, and it was a good thing Granmart came to stay with us, because my mind started going into overdrive thinking about everything that could happen to Rob and Katie Lyn down there. Thankfully, God in His grace and mercy has given me peace thus far...and He gave us a good skype call today (day 3) and it did my heart GREAT to see their sweet faces!

Katie Lyn taught a VBS lesson this morning to about 60 children. The lesson was on Samuel and she did a craft with them: they all made Samuel's "listening ears" which were adorable...they were huge construction paper ears that the kids could hook onto their real ears...I can't wait to see pictures!

After VBS, they played some games outside with the children. Rob was injured playing "Duck Duck Goose". (I am sure he would have rather it been because of something heroic like trampling across the jungle to bring Bibles to a native tribe or something....but nope, he got hurt playing Duck Duck Goose. He's extremely competitive and I certainly hope he caught whoever was the goose, LOL!) Anyway, he is fine...just some scrapes. But he fell in some sewage type slush so let's just pray for no infection please! I LOVE that he was playing with those kiddos--that is right up his alley! What a sweet picture it paints in my mind of him!

This afternoon the ladies are attending a conference and I think the men are doing some door to door witnessing...thank you for your prayers!!!!!!!! Your comments are so sweet and I can't tell you how much it means to know you are praying for the mission team! May God be glorified!

Tomorrow Hannah (Katie Lyn's friend) will teach the VBS lesson and Wednesday it will be Pastor Eric's mom, Miss Bertie pray for them please! And continue to pray for the gospel to be made known to everyone that the mission team meets!

We are holding up well, but missing Rob and Katie Lyn lots. One would think you wouldn't get lonely in a house of 11 people, but our hearts have a void with two of our family away. I have thought about our missionary friends TONS this week--in Mexico (Hi Kim!), in China, in the DR, in Mali, in Indonesia, in Uganda. I am realizing this week just what a blessing that skype is...and also realizing just a sliver of the heartache these missionaries must feel leaving family behind and being separated. It has made me remember to pray for them more and more! I hope I will ALWAYS remember to pray for the families of missionaries and our military, too! I can't even begin to know what the emotional toil is like from being away from each other for long periods. I am praying praying praying for yall! And I have such a deep respect and admiration...because I know it is only by HIS grace and mercy!

On a different note, in the middle of the sermon at church yesterday, Kevin announced to me that he is ready to go to the beach. That came out of nowhere! And Crickett pulled her dress over her head. Good thing we sit on the back pew! :)


MicheleMann said...


Praying, praying for Katie Lyn and Rob and for you and the sweet peas in Springville. Praying many would come out of darkness into His marvelous light! Love you so very much! Michele

Alycia said...

Hi Laine,
i just read your blog... has been about a week since i last read it. So excited for Katie Lyn and Rob. We are praying and will continue to do so! Audy is interviewing tonight with ND.. please pray for her! She SO wants to go and serve.
Love you!
Come to the beach SOON!