Saturday, March 10, 2012

I have not been eaten by a chicken

I just wanted to lay everyone's mind at ease that the reason I have not posted in so long is NOT because I attempted to buy a whole chicken and then it ate me.

Although I will say the reason I haven't bought a whole chicken yet is because my good friend Paula told me to just hold it under its arms and dance it around in my sink while I wash it off. Gross!

We are all doing really well!

We have been going to soccer practices (Colby and Clay are playing on the same team and it happens to be the same team as their best buddy Caleb F.)

We have been getting costumes in preparation for the dance recital in May.

Crickett had an MRI to determine if she needed any more surgeries. We don't have the results yet, but I'm assuming no news would be good news?

We've been schooling, schooling, schooling, and taking breaks outside to enjoy the lack of winter we've had this year. We've prepared for tornado weather and thanked the Lord when once again we were spared.

We've been van shopping so maybe soon we can stop taking two cars. Though we are VERY thankful for two good working cars that can transport us to church or other places when our whole family needs to travel together. And we are VERY thankful for our Suburban with the extra back bench seat so the kiddos and I can go wherever we need to go. (We just can't take Rob with us, but really the only time we need to go somewhere all together is soccer games or church) Remember we USED to have a 15 passenger van, right? Anyone want to take a trip down memory lane to read one of the SEVERAL reasons we sold it? Thank you Lord we were able to sell it! We've been praying/waiting for God to show us the van for us. And I'm not gonna lie, we've also wondered if maybe the reason we don't have a van might be because we don't need one in China! :) (a girl can dream, right?)

We did take a quick trip to a little mountain town just north of us. (it was only 1 hour 20 minutes from our home, but with gas prices and taking 2 cars, we needed a CLOSE getaway!) We rented a cabin on the tippy top of the mountain and had some great family time together....we were all needing to "re-group" with each other...and sometimes a change of scenery with no other people can provide the best opportunity. Thank you Lord for that quick, spur of the moment getaway!
Rob made sure to spend one on one time with each child, and most of them said that was their favorite part of the weekend. So sweet!

We have celebrated Keith and Crickett being home 3 months! I am amazed at how they have grafted into our family so seamlessly. I honestly cannot remember life before them. I thank God for New Day...for the loving foster parents and preschool teachers and workers who LOVE SO BIG and have made our New Day babies so secure. I know that is the mercy of God.

Crickett still sleeps in a crib next to our bed. We are relishing in her baby-ness (although she is a BIG baby!) She is a great sleeper. She finds this special corner of her purple blanket, and once she finds just the right corner, she grabs it with her fist and shoves that thumb in her mouth. She is our first thumb sucker! She adores her daddy. As soon as she hears the garage door in the evenings, she says "BABA HOOOOOME!!!!" She adores her siblings too. Even "Fevin", the one who gave her the most competition on being the baby. :)

Keith sleeps on the bottom bunk of Quan's bunk bed, and loves it! His attention span is increasing more and more. We have not taught him any English, in hopes of him being able to keep his Chinese. Oh well. That experiment is failing fast. He is understanding almost everything we say, and he is talking to us in sentences that contain about half and half English/Chinese words. Mostly English, really. Sadness! I really wanted him to remember his native language! We do have some DVD's of his favorite Chinese cartoon, and he enjoys watching them. But I'm afraid unless we get someone living with us who speaks Chinese, than he is going to lose the Mandarin completely. He is incredible smart! He is one of those kids who is "all around" smart. He picks up on every little thing! He is such a joy! He and Kevin are attached at the hip all the time. With them being only 5 months apart, this makes for some fun, some fighting, some squealing, and some screaming. Thankfully, we are seeing more fun and squeals than fighting and screaming! That wasn't the case in the beginning of their relationship. In fact, I would have to say the one who had the hardest time adjusting in this adoption was King Kevin. But it's been good. He's learning A LOT ABOUT LOVE. And that is always good!

People say that we should be on a reality show. I think it would put people to sleep! I mean, we live in a 4 bedroom house, we have one washer, one dryer, one fridge, one freezer, and NOT a vehicle to fit us all. We are BORING! :) I don't shop at Sam's (not very convenient), I don't do a good job of meal planning, I don't have chore charts or schedules. I mean the name of our reality show would have to be "A Large Family Who Thinks They Are Still A Small Family"

I do laundry lots, wash dishes lots, go to Walmart lots. I am sure I could be doing life more efficiently, and I'm open to suggestions! My friend Tricia comes every 2 weeks to do a good cleaning for us and I am so grateful that God allows us to continue to have her!!!!! She is SUCH a HUGE blessing in so many ways. She helps us keep the house in some sort of order.

Two questions we get very frequently are:
1.Where does everyone sleep? Rob, Crickett and I in our bedroom; KK and Kimmie in one room, Carlie and Candie in one room, Quan and Keith in one room, and Kevin, Colby & Clay in our 'bonus/play' room. You know what my friend said the other night at church when I told her how we all fit? "Sounds like you've got room for more!" I LOVE THAT! :)

2.Are we done? You mean adopting? Ask God! I know one thing, it doesn't matter if you're 41, 61, or 81...nobody is ever "done" serving the Lord here on earth if you're still breathing!


Allison said...

Love your updates. Love your family. We just started the adoption process and we are looking forward to what God has in store for our family. God bless!

Aaron and Erica said...

I love it when you keep it real Laine! It's good to read updates on the newest Ferrill's. I miss you and I MUST call you soon to catch up. I also need to call Dr. R to get in for YouYou's checkup. Do you have an appointment for Kevin anytime soon...I could request us an adjoining room :)

Waitingfaithfully said...

Hi friend! Just checking in on you and enjoying every minute of it, okay maybe other than the "chicken thoughts". :) So happy to hear that Crickett and Keith are fitting right into the crew. Thank you Lord!

The new family pictures are amazing! Love them! I nearly squealed out loud! How are our kiddos getting so big?

Thanks for sharing!

Love from Texas~


Sherri said...

Are you coming to Huntsville for soccer this Spring?

Maybe we can plan a trip to the Zoo one day before it gets too hot. Would you be up for that?

Our Journey to China said...

I am so glad you had some time to post.....and SOOOOO very glad you were not eaten by a chicken!! LOL!! Oh, I am ready for June!! We need to make a plan! I am counting the days!! It is so good to hear Kev is doing better and adjusting more to not being the baby of the family. I know E would not like that right now one bit. Miss you bunches!!!

The Byrd's Nest said...

ha ha...I like it that you are a large family that still thinks you're a small family:)I love you AND your family and that get-away sounds dreamy!!!

Valerie and Jeff said...

Your heart sounds so big Laine! I've not been very good at keeping up ... but I do remember the chicken escapade. Too funny!
I'm so thankful Cricket and Keith have molded into your family so well though. What a blessing that God has placed them in your arms--and I love that last line of your post. So true.

Symasek Family Circus said...

Hey!! I really don't want Landon to loose his Chinese either - maybe we can have regular play-dates for them to help all of US with our Chinese! I found a set of GREAT Christian sing-a-longs in Chinese with English subtitles - can't wait for them to come in the mail! Thanks for the update! :-)

Mike and Barb said...

How about we move to China together?

Keisha said...

I LOVED this update! I also love just how "real" you are Lanie! You have always been the whole time I've been knowing ya! ;)
You haven't been to my blog in a while.. we are adopting Again!! We are sooo excited! ;)
Come by & see me!
love you lots!

Southern Cheesehead said...

I love this post so much! I also love your last question and answer. It's the truth!!! And we LOVE YOU!!!