Thursday, April 5, 2012

Mercy and Grace...

Oh me.

Why is Spring so busy? Why? I thought Christmas and Fall were the busiest times of the year.

How did Spring get so busy?

Here's how it happened...

A girls' trip to Mobile...

To be with my mom and family as we buried Granbob's ashes (not sure if yall remember but he passed away in October of 2010)...

sweet service...beautiful day...peace in all our hearts...

Mom has such wonderful friends!

While down in Mobile, we also got to see Kylie and Brad and their new HOME! Brad is getting settled into it, and then after June 23rd those two little lovebirds will be snug in their first nest! We are so excited for them!

And then very unexpectedly just one week later, my mom's sister passed away. And we were back in Mobile again, loving on my mom and uncle and cousins...
...well, let's just say that Zoe was TRYING to love on her cousin Crickett...but Crickett wasn't too sure about sharing the 2-yr. old spotlight with anybody!
the 5 Harris girls together again, Lyn, Laine, Leslie, Leigh & Laura

This time I had all the kiddos...and no husband because he was out of town for work.
But being the amazing and sweet husband he is, he changed his flight so he could fly into Mobile and be there with us for my aunt's service. We didn't mind that his flight was delayed and delayed and delayed.
'Cause there was a great play area at the Mobile airport. Attention Birmingham airport, you could learn a lot from the Mobile airport.

The morning after we got back from Mobile, Candie had an outpatient surgery to do a revision on her screw for her hearing aid. It had become quite infected so that the skin had grown over the screw. Bless her...she hadn't been able to wear her hearing aid in weeks. We did a lot of yelling so she could hear us. It was so frustrating for her. And then I'd yell to one of my children who can hear quite well. Something like, "Can you get me Crickett's shoes please?" I'd yell it really loud and clear so that this child who can hear quite well could REALLY hear me. And then this child who can hear quite well would say, "Mom. I can hear, remember?" It's kind of like when you call your child every other child's name except their own. (don't tell me you don't do that!) I would get confused as to who could hear and who could not. (it's ok...I never yelled to Rob :)
Sweet cards and signs to welcome Candie back home...precious hearts of her brothers and sisters who love her so much!

Cousins coming for a much too short visit...(Good sister, Laura, I know I always was the spoiled brat when we were growing up. I confess that. But will you come make us more sandwiches? And cut them into shapes? And clean my kitchen again?)

And a birthday in the HOUSE! Colby Man...turning FOURTEEN!!!!!
I love these teen-age boys. LOVE THEM! Notice Clay and Caleb (my adopted son who isn't really my adopted son because his parents won't let me adopt him but I would if I could) on either side of Colby singing the birthday song with emphasis on the "YOU" in "Happy Birthday to You" and Colby in the middle singing the birthday song with emphasis on "ME" as he sings Happy Birthday to himself. I LOVE TEEN-AGE BOYS!!!! (Maybe I need to be more specific. I love THESE THREE teen-age boys!)

And here is Caleb's dad who won't let me adopt Caleb. Don't they have such a pretty house? I just had to take a picture.

And here is Caleb's mom who won't let me adopt Caleb. She is a very serious, somber person as you can obviously see for yourself. I don't see why they won't let me have Caleb. I mean his name starts with a C and everything!

And here is where Colby picked to go for his 14th birthday meal.
I leave you with that...and the title of my blog post. Mercy and grace through all of the events of this blog post...but the mercy and grace of eating here. It was abundant. From the gawking and pointing and stares we received as we piled in to the the chocolate fountain which had little fingers sticking in it...oh my. Mercy and Grace flowing freely! LITERALLY!


The Byrd's Nest said...

Oh sweet friend, I'm so sorry for all of the loss in your family lately. Big hugs to you:)

I LOVED all of the sweet pictures, especially of you and your sisters! Love love love!!!!

The Collier Bunch said...

Wow you have had so much going on. So glad to finally see an update we love hearing about your family. Maybe in a couple of months when we slow down we can get our two busy families together for a visit. Maria would love to see Kevin and everyone else.

Our Journey to China said...

Happy Birthday! Ok, so it is late, but still many good wishes! Teenage boys love to eat at Golden Corral! It must be the abundance of food - lol! :) I love all the catching up-I can't wait to do it in person. :)