Monday, May 7, 2012

Happy New Day!

And today we got to see Landon and CJ from New Day!  5 New Day kiddos living within 20 minutes of each other!  Might we call it...."New Day West?"          :)
And no, Kylie is not from New Day...but she makes us happy, and she went to New Day with us last summer, and we helped hostess a wedding tea for her she gets her spot on today's post!  :)

And speaking of New Day...please don't forget about the chip-in button on the sidebar if you are led to donate to the surgery fund!  Please pray for Alea at New Day...she needs a miracle, and a FAMILY!  Go here to learn more
Pray for all the New Day babies..particularly one named Maya...God knows her needs!

And also speaking of New friend Ruth works there and she is adopting ROSIE from New Day!  And she is fundraising for her adoption!  Ruth is going to be a mama for the first time!!!!!!  YAY RUTH!!!  You can go here to find out more!


Kristi said...

20 minutes from Landon and CJ?
I *might* be a little jealous. If of course I was subject to such naughty things as jealousy. :)
I love your heart sweet friend. So many wonderful ways to love on New Day babies right now...

The Byrd's Nest said...

I don't like to sweat either sweet Crickett:)

Yay for new memories with sweet friends!!!!!

Catherine said...

oh my goodness! a whole ND reunion :) that is so precious! i adore Landon and CJ and am so glad they are adjusting well... love to ALL the Ferrills!

Our Journey to China said...

What a beautiful picture of the girls! And I am sure the tea was awesome! I miss that southern charm up here!! :p Can't wait to get together and enjoy some. :) I just cannot think of anything sweeter than the lives all of these ND babies will enjoy together and around the world because of the love of Jesus and their families and the passion everyone has to keep them growing up together. God is truly a miracle working God! I am so very thankful to know and be able to love on so many ND sweethearts!