Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Christmas was in April!

 Kevin received a home-made Angry Birds game to play in "real life!"

 Kimmie and Crickett got home-made tu-tus!

 Candie got an adorable home-made jewelry box and wall-hanging that doubles as an earring holder!

 The big boys got PVC marshmallow shooters....WATCH OUT!  I'm still finding marshmallows 2 months after this photo!

 Katie Lyn and Carlie got sweet home-made canvases with pictures of some of our precious NDS babies!

 Keith got an ADORABLE home-made hop-scotch rug!  SO FUN!  He's still sleeping with it!

And Rob had to get in on the marshmallow gun action...he is such a BIG BOY AT HEART!!!!!!!!

We love you Meredith!!!!  Can't wait to see you again!!!!  We know you're having the summer of fun with your new ND sissy!


Our Journey to China said...

Awesome! What a wonderful blessing to have someone in your lives like her and you guys in hers! I love all the fun ALL the kids (big included) are having in these pictures. :)

Anonymous said...

How creative!

The Crazy Eight Toering Clan said...

Awww I'm just seeing this!!! I LOVE these pictures and miss your sweet kiddos so very much! Load up that mega-van and come road-trip to Oklahoma! Its just as much fun as the beach....right?!?!?! My dad actually asked me a few days ago if we took a family vacation to Gulf Shores...would the Ferrills meet us there?! It would be a party!!! :) :)