Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Is June really almost over?

We celebrated Kevin's cardiologist check-up!  Kevin's O2 stats were the highest we've seen them yet!  85 and even 86!!!  Kevin will have a heart cath on August 16th to check on his lung pressures!  Dr. Romp is cautiously optimistic that maybe, just maybe, these higher O2 stats might mean his pressures are lowering.  He doesn't think they would be low enough for surgery yet, but we're thankful Kevin will have the heart cath so we can see what's goin' on!  Praying God's will for our little shootin' up firecracker!
 We had a celebration with the Clarks to celebrate the May birthdays in both our families (who says you can't celebrate a May birthday in June?  :)

 We celebrated Rob with lots of hugs and kisses and hamburgers and work clothes.  ;)

 We celebrated a week at Granmart's house making preparations for Kylie's wedding in Mobile!!!!

 Kimmie and Quan walked down the aisle as Kylie and Brad's flower girl and ring bearer along with Audrey and Caleb, Brad and Kylie's niece and nephew!

 Crickett twirled in her red dress...Kristi she loves it!  Can you believe she can wear it now?  When you mailed it to us, it seemed it would be a lifetime before she would be here and be twirling in it...now look at her!

 Celebrating our sweet Kylie and Brad...

Beautiful wedding party...Beautiful wedding...To God be the Glory!!!!!!


The Princess's Mommy said...

Hooray for good doctor visits!!! Happy Birthday to all the May babies!! LOVE the picture of Rob and the kiddos...that Crickett...I could just eat her up!!! And Kylie...what a beautiful bride...wishing her and her new hubby years of happiness!!

Happy Summer to all the Fab Ferrills!!!

Love you,

Kristi said...

I feel the same way about June being over. How in the world is it already July?
What blessed news about Kevin's O2 stats. DQ still prays for him EVERY night. Oh how I'm looking forward to kissing on those sweet cheeks again, hopefully soon!
And Crickett in that dress. I can't wait to show my Kylie in the morning. I know it will bring a HUGE smile to her face to see that dress in twirling use again. :)
Miss y'all.
Simply MUST see the Ferrill dozen soon!

Our Journey to China said...

So thankful for Kevin's good news, so praying!! Love that pumpkin! And oh, what a beautiful wedding and wedding party! Crickett is absolutely adorable in Ky's red dress!!! Happy, Happy Birthday to ALL!! I agree.....I pray we can ALL be together for at least a couple of days soon!! Need some squeezing time on the F and M kids! :) Love and hugs to all!!