Thursday, June 7, 2012

Thoughtful Thursday: She Has An Obsession

Me: "Oh my word! Crickett!!"
Crickett: "Boo-boo. Hort! (Hurt!) Boo-boo. Band-Aid!"

How many Band-Aids do you think she can fit on her legs?
And do you think she might be a little dramatic?

Yes, she just showed me another Band-Aid she found. 
It has just joined the Leg of Fame....

What a NUT!! ;)

~written by Katie Lyn (KK)


Anonymous said...

Cute!!! Isn't it funny how little ones just love band aids so much!?!!

Kristi said...

I'm pretty sure Daniel would be in love.
They are birds of a feather...

The Byrd's Nest said...

Ha ha...Emma and Lottie used to do this all the time. We bought bandaids every time we went to the store:)

P.S. I LOVE those legs!!!!

Our Journey to China said...

Awesome! I think her and Miss E are going to get along marvelously....but we will need to be attentive! Lol! :)