Monday, July 23, 2012

Did somebody say FIVE?

 FIVE years since we saw Quan's pitiful, mournful little sad (yet completely adorable) face for the first time?
 FIVE years since we saw Kimmie's shocked and sullen pitiful (yet stunningly beautiful) little face for the first time?
 FIVE years since we held our first adopted babies for the first time?  (oh how scared they scared WE were!)
Yep...FIVE years.  And just look at them now. 

Brief pause while I cry.

Thank you.

I love them.  God used them to teach me how to be a better mother...I'm still learning. 

I love them!  They both are such GIFTS FROM GOD!!!!  How blessed we are that God brought Quan and Kimmie to us!

We love you babies!  You will always be our babies.  And we are sorry we can't celebrate BIG like we had planned with the Young family...we are sorry you both got a yucky stomach virus...we are sorry we ALL got a yucky stomach virus...

But we are THANKFUL that we can get Chinese take-out and spend this special 5-year Gotcha Day Anniversary with the two of you...our first adopted babies.  You are CHOSEN, GRAFTED, LOVED, CHERISHED, and YOU MELT OUR HEARTS!!!!!

We love you Kimmie and Quan!!!!


KK said...

"Kimmie and Quan
Kimmie and Quan
Chubby little monkeys all stuffed with love
It's Kimmie and Quan
Kimmie and Quan
We can't wait to bring you home soon!!!!"

-sung to the toon of 'Winnie the Pooh'-

I remember we sang that song all the way up until the time we adopted y'all!!!! We also sang...

"Tomorrow! Tomorrow! I'll love ya, tomorrow! You're only a daaay aawaaaay!!!!!!!!!!"

We sang that the night before we met y'all!!!! I could NOT go to sleep that night, because I was so excited!!!!!!!

Y'all are such a blessing in my life!!!! You both have taught me more than ever!!!I love you both so much!!!!!!


jhand said...

Happy 5 years Kimmie & Quan!! We will be eating Chinese food with the Mason's tonight and we will be remembering all of our travel buddies on this very special day.
Hoping that the yucky stomach virus leaves your home very soon.
Love from Georgia,
The Hand family


Good grief people! Making me cry at work is not good!

The Byrd's Nest said...

How precious God's love is for them:)

Paula said...

I can hardly remember life before Kimmie and Quan. It's like they have always been here. And we wouldn't want it any other way!

Kylie said...

Has it really been 5 years since our lives changed forever? It seems like yesterday! Those babies will ALWAYS have a special place in my heart... :) Love them and all of you!

Kylie (and Brad ;) )

familyof8 said...

Happy Five years!!! We are about to celebrate 4 with our sweet Emily! I really can't believe how quickly the time has passed. I will never forget your calm voice quieting my fears before we traveled. I am forever thankful!
Sorry you are all can celebrate in style soon!

I am going to email you soon some serious prayer requests....hope we can see you soon!


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful blessing and reason to celebrate!

The Crazy Eight Toering Clan said...

LOVE this and love ya' glad that Kimmie and Quan are HERE and part of your sweet family- I love you both to death!! Can't wait to see you SOON!!!

Kristi said...

Five years. What a milestone! Amazing how much they change in that amount of time...

Kimmie and Quan, the M6 sure can't wait to see you again! We are so, so thankful that God called your Mommy and Daddy to you all that time ago and then saw fit for us to meet across the ocean!

Love to the Fabulous Ferrill family!

Our Journey to China said...

Oh, sweet Kimmie and Quan, the Boyd family loves you bunches!! Happy Family Day!! God is so good and we are so very thankful for you Fabulous Ferrills and M6s too!!

Allison said...

What a blessing!