Friday, August 17, 2012

Cath Results...

So so sorry this is a delayed update!

We ended up having to spend the night last night because Kevin spiked a fever right about the time they were getting our discharge papers. :)

Thankfully, he didn't have any more fever throughout the night and morning...what an answer to prayer! Rob went home last night to be with the other children and he said they had a sweet prayer time together for Kevin. here's what we've all been waiting for:

The cath showed that Kevin's lung pressures have not changed much in the last two years. He is still not a candidate for the Glenn/Fontan procedure to repair his heart.

BUT...the GREAT news is that it is obvious that his lungs are being protected from further damage! The shunt is doing its job indeed. I can't help but think back to that day Dr. Romp called to tell us the doctors wanted to try a BT shunt to lower his lung pressures. He had said, "There is hope." That was two years ago. And after Kevin's shunt surgery, his pressures DID lower, just not enough for him to sustain the Glenn/Fontan.

But they're still lower, praise God! Last night the doctor told me he had just done a cath for a 30 year old lady who had single ventricle heart, and had a BT shunt put in when she was younger because her lung pressures were too high for surgery. She is THIRTY now! Her lung pressures never lowered enough for surgery, but her BT shunt has protected her lungs from further damage. That is so encouraging for me to hear!

Kevin will eventually outgrow his shunt and will have to get new ones periodically as he grows. There's no way to predict when that might happen...we will know its time when his O2 sats drop lower on a consistent basis.

So...I hope I haven't confused yall. I'm tired! I'm so tired, I can't sleep. Have you ever been this tired? :) So please excuse the delay in posting, the rambling, and any possible incoherent writing on my part!

I do want to remember a few things from our day and night.

*It's funny how walking on that pediatric cardiology floor brought back a flood of memories from 2010. It will be our last time on that floor since UAB pediatric cardiology will be moving to Children's Hospital brand new hospital!

*It was precious to see some of our same nurses from 2 years ago.

*I loved sharing a bed with Kevin again last night. I thought to myself, "Stay overnight? Oh Kev and I got this down pat!"

*Kevin taught me how to play games on my own iPad. I've never played games on my iPad before. Leave it to a 5 year old to teach the 41 year old.

*The night before Kevin's heart cath, Katie Lyn told me "Don't let any clowns come in Kevin's room; you know he won't like that, Mom!"
Sure enough, here comes the clown. Thankfully, Kevin was konked out. The clown left Kevin a Hot Wheels car and this picture:

Signing off for's been one doozy of a week...but doozy weeks are an opportunity to cling even closer to the Lord!!!!!

Thank yall so much for praying...your love makes us want to love others even more!

And one more thing...Happy 16th Birthday Katie Lyn! We have another driver in the house!!!!!!


The Byrd's Nest said...

Happy Birthday sweet 16!!!!! Another driver in the house is AWESOMENESS!!!

Praying for energy for you my sweet friend and we continue to pray for sweet Kevin. Even though the hospital is not fun, he must have loved having his Mommy all to himself:)

Love you and we will never stop praying for your little prince!!!!!

Our Journey to China said...

Oh how we love you, sweet, Kev! And we remember those hospital days in 2010. God is so very good and we thank Him for how far He has already brought you to healing! BIG hugs to you Kevin and Mama!! Great job, Baba and KK holding down the fort. :) Happy Happy 16th KK!! :)

The Collier Bunch said...

You guys and Kevin have been in our prayers a lot lately. So encouraging to hear the news of the 30 year old with the shunt. We will continue to pray for his heart and for the lung pressures.

We understand how difficult it is dealing with a child with major heart issues and all the uncertainty that goes with that. God has His hand upon Kevin.

Praying for all of you.

Kristi said...

Oh, and I remember so well praying at the beach two years ago for the results of that first cath.
Praising Him that the lungs have stabilized AND for the encouragement of the 30 year old.
Know that not a day goes by without our family praying for little Kevin.

And woo-hoo for another driver. Happy sweet 16 KK! You are loved precious girl!