Thursday, September 13, 2012

Miss PattyCake....

Well, since I blogged about potentially getting to see Miss Pattycake while we're in Mobile, then I feel the need to update on our venture to see our favorite singer.

We have looked forward to seeing her all week. Wednesday morning just couldn't come soon enough! We woke up early, got everybody fed and dressed and wearing all matchy-matchy tee shirts...even Granmart!

We left Mom's house at 8:00 for the 45 minute drive to the church in Fairhope where we would see Miss PattyCake. It was an exciting, giggly ride as we wondered "will she remember us?" and "I wonder if Stan the Handy Man will be there..."

We pulled up to Celebration Church and walked in the front door. Awaiting us was a 'sign-in' table with a sweet girl welcoming the guests. She asked me, "Are you ready?"

I said, "Yes! We are ALL ready to see Miss Pattycake!"

She was silent for a second or two and then said..."Well...well...are you going to be leaving your children in the playroom?"

Did I hear her right? Huh?

"No, we're going to ALL see Miss Pattycake!"

The poor greeter was a little baffled and apologetic as she so meekly and sweetly explained,

"Miss Pattycake IS coming, yes. But she is coming to speak to a group of moms at a meeting, she is not doing a show for the kids."

I did not even have time for this to sink in as my "laugh or cry" instinct hit like a freight train, and I immediately started ROLLING LAUGHTER at my BIG faux pas.

I turned around laughing loudly to Granmart and said, "Did you hear what she just said? Miss Pattycake is doing a moms meeting, not a show!!!! HAHAHAHAHA"

Granmart started laughing too and said, "Oh well!"

I think we scared the sweet little greeter. She directed us to the room where Miss Pattycake would be speaking and said maybe we could wait in there if we just wanted to tell Miss Pattycake hello...since we did drive from Mobile for the "show".

So I explained to all the kiddos what was going on, and they all took it in stride, and then we walked over to the meeting room, in hopes of just saying a quick "Hi, we love you, bye!"

We entered the meeting room which was decorated beautifully...candles, tablecloths, flowers, wrapped gifts at each woman's seat....

And in we come with our matching tee shirts, busting up in the room....thankfully the women weren't gathered in there yet. :)

We waited for a while and then came Miss Pattycake. No, she didn't have on her signature Pattycake dress. But she was Miss Pattycake through and through! She DID remember us, came up to us with arms outstretched to hug everyone, asked about Kevin, asked which ones were our new ones, and we had a sweet little 20 minute reunion! (by the way Miss Pattycake is even more adorable in her 'street' clothes!)

She sang a song for Crickett whose face just lit up! Kevin just wondered why Miss Pattycake wore glasses. Mom was thrilled to meet her in person.

So the anticipation, the drive, the getting up and out the was all more than worth it! No we didn't get to see her show, but what we received was actually so much more. Miss Pattycake had tears in her eyes as she expressed her gratitude for our love for her. Turns out, Miss Pattycake sometimes needs encouraging every now and then...and we were "from God" to quote her sweet self.

Thank you Lord for surprises, for things not turning out the way we think they will, for being sovereign over every single detail of our lives.

China update coming soon....and Paula, I will try to get Keith and Kevin to stand still long enough to give you their version of an update from Mobile! :)


Kristi said...


I absolutely LOVE this story! Every bit of it. And I love your precious kids even more than before (if that were even possible) for just rolling with it instead of bursting into tears.

What a blessing your darlings must have been to Miss Pattycake...

Anonymous said...

Ok, Laine, I am just crackin' up. You have got me giggling at you guys in your matchy tshirts (which I would so want to do, too!) going to this ladies meeting! Funny! But you guys got to fellowship with her all by yourselves! How wonderful! You always know how to make lemonade out of lemons. We love you so much!


Mercy! and bless your heart are my only comments from China! LOVE YOU!

The Byrd's Nest said... guys ARE pretty hard to resist in your matching t-shirts! Miss Pattycake will never forget you!!

Our Journey to China said...

God is so good! What an awesome blessing "in surprise!" I love it! :)

Southern Cheesehead said...

Totally loved this account of what happened! Glad I finally took time to get updated on some blogs!!! Miss you guys!!!

familyof8 said...

Ok that was a great story! I am sure it was your matching t-shirts!!! I am sad you were in Mobile and Fairhope and we didn't get together. We were in B'ham this weekend for soccer...ha ha.

I have been praying for your boys in China.

Miss you.