Monday, September 3, 2012

Nicaragua News!

Just a little update from my girl...

"I miss you all! I did good teaching my Daniel & the Lions den lesson this morning (Sunday)! I think! :) When my group walked into the church this morning there were over 100 kids! But they divided the kids into boys and girls, and then by age groups. I taught boys ages 8-10! They were very attentive and sweet! We taught them how to sing 'Jesus love me' in Spanish! :) Brother Jeff (he was on the trip in you remember him dad?) preached at that church this morning.

We went street witnessing this afternoon! I am not too good at it... We will be doing some more tomorrow (Monday) afternoon! Please pray that God will move me out of the way and use me and speak through me! He will have to shove me and all of myself and nervousness way away!!

Tomorrow it will be busy busy busy! The Women's Conference starts! Me and Hannah will probably be talking and then teaching and playing and talking with the kids, if there are any there!

Okay I am super dee duper tired! I love you and miss you all!!! Keep us in your prayers!"

Can I just say....I miss my girl! But I wouldn't want her to anywhere else except right where God wants her today!


Our Journey to China said...

Awesome! God is so very good! So proud of you!! :)

The Byrd's Nest said...

Katie are awesome!!! Sometimes it is not our words that God uses but the way we just love on His people. You ARE being Jesus to them, we are praying for you!!!