Thursday, September 6, 2012


Did yall hear about the earthquake in Costa Rica? It was felt in Nicaragua where the team is!!!! Here are Katie Lyn's details:

Did you talk to brother Eric? He was gonna call you and tell you about the earthquake... We did feel it. It felt pretty strong! It scared me. I plopped down on my bed after walking out of Hannah's room as she was brushing her teeth. As I plopped down I felt the bed start wobbling! I thought, "I didn't sit down that hard!" Then the room started moving and it seemed to be rolling and going in a circular motion. It was almost like a stimulator machine. -Brother Eric said he tried to call you on every mode of communication that the Ferrill family has. To no avail... :)- okay back to the story. Brother Eric burst into the room and said "it's an earthquake get out!" we ran out of that room so fast! It only lasted about 5-6 seconds... I ran out without any of my stuff. So I got outside and then realized i didn't have nothin and then had to go back in and get it...that was after the earthquake though. We were all ok, but praying for no after affects! When the quake came to where we are it was a 3.5... So please don't make anyone scared or nervous back home...

Oh, okay Katie Lyn...I won't make anyone scared or nervous...JUST MYSELF!!!!!!! Gracious!

And here is her update for Wednesday; Kim I think you will love the details!

Hiya familia! I miss y'all! We are doing great!

Y'all probably heard from dad about the earthquake we felt this morning!

Today we helped Maria in the kitchen cook for the pastors at the pastors conference! There were over 60 pastors! We had fun cooking! Nanny Nell peeled carrots and then I graded them. The carrots down here are thick! My hands turned anaranjado (orange)! Then I cut up a lot of lettuce! Nanny Nell chopped cilantro, cucumbers and celery leaves. She had a big 'ol wopping knife! And she was just a cuttin! :) Hannah cut the cucumbers up and peeled them before she have em to Nanny Nell! Melissa cut and diced tomatoes. And I cut the ends off of plantains and peeled them...

BTW (by the way), Nanny Nell said, "Tell all my children that I love them and that I miss them!"

There were two other ladies helping with the cooking! They are good! They did a ton of other things! After we finished preparing it, we took it over to the pastors conference and handed out plates and drinks! They have orange Fanta just FYI! :)

Then we went back to Maria's house to eat lunch! Nanny Nell said, "it seems like a we do is eat and go to church". :) During the pastors conference some of the men from our team went street witnessing. I think all of the team was going to go out witnessing this afternoon, but we ended up not going...

Tonight the ladies went to a ladies service at ******* Baptist Church, and the men went to the church we were at last night. Us ladies did kinda the same thing that happened at the Women's conference. It went well!

At the women's conference yesterday (Tuesday), it was a blessing because it seemed that the ladies were touched by Hannah's and mine testimony about how having a godly mother has affected us! There were young girls there to! But it also reminded me that I need to be more thankful for you Mom!

Tonight at ********, Naomi and I really hit it off! I now know how to play thumb war in Spanish! :) I met Naomi's cousins! They are sweet and I did all the three girls' hair! They loved it! I did it like I had done Hannah's! I'm just doing hair up a storm! :) Hannah and I met a little girl who was six, chubby, and hilarious! It was basically like meeting Crickett at age six and her being Nicaraguan! :) Classic!

Please pray for us tomorrow (Thursday)! It is going to be a long day!!! I love y'all!

Raise your hand if you think Rob, Colby, and Clay will be this detailed in their updates next week when they're in China.

Raise your hand.


Why don't I see any hands raised?


The Byrd's Nest said...

I LOVED all of the details!!! From the orange hands to the orange Fanta which is really popular in Mexico too:) All of the cooking, eating and hanging out together is something we miss so much....Latinos really know how to fellowship! Praying for your sweet girl, she will be changed forever......

The Byrd's Nest said...

OH and earthquakes are super stinky and scary!!!! The last one we had in Mexico was a 7.something and Lottie said, "One more of those and I'm outta here!" ha ha

So thankful the Nicos were all safe and we are still praying for our Tico friends in Costa Rica:)

Kristi said...

Hanging on every word by KK...
And so thankful that the earthquake was not more traumatic than it was.
Praying for you all!

Symasek Family Circus said...

Just fyi...Luke read your email, and raised his hand :-)
Love to you all!

Alycia said...

Whew! Glad to hear that everyone is okay! Praying for Katie Lyn and your men as they are serving others. i have my hand raised! Can you see it?

Oh, BIG prayer request...

Will you please pray for Yvonne, Jon and their precious Selah? She nearly drowned while they were on a trip to NY. The doctor's have not given any hope of her recovering... but GOD! Please, Laine, pray... and pass it on!
Love you,

Mike and Barb said...

I love it when these young people go out on their own and learn to trust God! Awesome.
Hugs, Barb

Our Journey to China said...

Oh my! So thankful God's hand of protection reaches in places mama's hands don't and that HIS hands are bigger and stronger! Behind a little on blogs with vacation, so....I have the benefit of saying...."I just love all the details by your boys and girls!" What an awesome experience to share for a lifetime. Missing you all! So thankful God is everywhere, all the time!