Thursday, September 6, 2012

Nicaragua Update From Monday

From Katie Lyn (Kim Byrd I especially think of you in her emails for some reason! Must be all those months of following your journeys in MX!)

I miss you all so very much! Today has been a good day! The women's conference was awesome! We were the first american lady's bible study/ministry that the church had. The women were so receptive and sweet! When we walked in the door they pinned a little adorable broach made with yarn that they had made!

There is no air conditioning in these places just the heat and some fans :) its not that bad, but when I take a shower you feel like your scraping the grime off of ya :) I was right mom, no washcloths :)

Me and Hannah gave a testimony about 'How having a Godly Mother Has Affected Us'. It went well! I wasn't too nervous!! They were very attentive and receptive! Nanny Nell, Melissa, Hannah, and I sang 'Shout to the Lord' in English. Not to brag, but us four sounded pretty good together! ;) We four went and did something with the children while the Nicaraguan women taught the conference. We had kids age 2-4! Can you just say cuteness?? Agh! So CUTE!!! I gave a 2-4 minute Reader's Digest version of Daniel & the Lions den! The kids attention span wasn't too long so it was good it was short! Then Hannah got out her lion mask craft and they loved that! I have cute pics of all those toddlers holding up their masks! :) there were only about 10 kids....

Then Melissa taught the 52 ladies a craft with yarn and paper...they enjoyed it! We girls were hoppin around the room answering calls for the rojo yarn, or verde yarn...

Then as we were going to leave they gave each of us women a flower craft that they had made for us! I can't wait to bring it home and put it in our room Kimmie!!

Street witnessing went great! We witnessed in *****. I never talked 1on1 with anyone but I handed out tracks! I went in a group with Nanny Nell, Maria, and a lady from the church there. We went door to door! Maria can hardly speak any English, and the other girl hardly some any. But Maria was truly telling these people the gospel! We met an 88 year old man! We went in his house. He looked to be in his early 70s! He prayed with Maria and accepted Christ! Only God knows his heart, but we need to pray for Pedro! He really liked Nanny Nell! He said she was bonita (pretty)! And then He pulled up a special rocking chair for her! :)

The church service was good brother Jeff preached! Hannah, Francis, and I went off with the kids! Hannah did great teaching The Fiery Furnace and they liked the craft I had prepared! All these kids are so sweet!

At the women's conference there was a baby baby! And she was a doll! Hannah got to hold her and she said it made her miss Gabriel! I miss y'all! Thanks for y'all emails!

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Trace Car Driver said...

Laine... SO SO SO good running into you at Walmart the other day! I've just sat down to catch up on your blogs from the past 2 months... God is good and is def doing exciting stuff with the Ferrill family, once again! :) I love your sweet daughter's heart. She seems to be a lot like her Mama! :)