Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Update on their flight and first morning....

From Colby (who I am forgiving for not writing any capital letters since he is jet lagged)

Hey everybody its update time! we are safe in our hotel with only a few complications. (sort of) today we r going to see the orphanage, and I cannot wait!

the flight from ohare to hong kong wasn't that bad. except for the fact that we didn't have personal TVs. the flight wasn't especially boring it was just rather long(I slept 2 hours) and it was light for the whole fifteen hour flight. (outside not inside). and our pilots were gr8. and then I left my kindle on the plane.

THAT was an adventure.

so i realized I didn't have it when we were going through security. I told dad and me dad and Clay (who's asleep beside me right now) went up to the info desk and told the lady there what happened. she called united and had them put it, and I quote here, "in the launch by gate six zero." so dad made sure he said, "so were going to gate sixty?"
"no," she said, "gate six zero". lol. so we went to gate six zero and waited for someone to show up for about fifteen minutes. no dice. dad emails Brother Eric and you to pray. so dad walks off a ways and this guy walks by.

dad motions for me to stop him while he gets back ovr here. so dad catches up and asks him excuse me... we left something on a United flight and they told us to come here to gate 60? he directed us upstairs to the launch. so we go into the main airport hallway(idk wot its called) and look at the sign.

it says airport LOUNGE, not launch. her accent totally messed us up! so we walk upstairs and theres the united lounge. dad gave two ladies our info and they gave me my kindle. dad said Praise the Lord and one lady said hallelujah! we also couldn't take the little subway thingy back to the other end of the airport, so we had to walk from 60 to 524.

my fave flight had to be the one into chongqing. it was only two hours but they fed us hot dogs and i got some serious sleeping in. I love Hong Kong airlines!

our team is doing well.

right now its 7:21 as were going to eat breakfast at 8:30. its now 7:40 and Clay is still asleep. he sure can cut some zs. We are all taking turns updating so 2morrow its dads turn. regular china stuff. hard beds, never enough water in hotel rooms, parking decks as tall as skyscrapers, etc. speaking of water all the bottled water tastes really smooth. like kind of like milk. but its water. it tastes gr8. he finally woke up.(thx 2 dad) we have had a great time so far!

Oh my...can I just say I am loving the difference in boys vs. girls updates? This just makes me smile! (except for the lack of capital letters) And it makes me miss my men!!!!!

Quan is really stepping up to being the oldest man of the house right now. Scary that he is the oldest man of the house at age 7, but still.

Thank yall for praying!!!!!!


Symasek Family Circus said...

Allrighty.....well, it looks like when Luke raised his hand that your boys were going to send details??? He might have been right, huh? LOVE the details of this story!! We will keep praying for them and being jealous (with a Godly overtone, of course) that we aren't there, too!
love to you all!

The Byrd's Nest said...

Those are some awesome details!!! Wonderful job!!! I just love me some Ferrill's:)

Our Journey to China said...

I LOVE his sweet and descriptive update! Oh, we need us some Ferrill time!! Missing you all at the beach (we will have to try to get this place again....praying for God's favor on price again!)..But oh so glad God is moving mountains and the oldest of the Ferrill boys are blessing God and those sweet babies in China! I can't wait to 'hear' more of those wonderfully fun updates. :) BIG hugs to you, mama, too!!