Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Reasons like this...

We do fundraisers like Rockathons for New Day for many reasons.

Helping the helpless.

Giving hope to the fatherless.

Providing a loving, caring home for babies who have been abandoned.

Funding surgeries for orphans who need medical care desperately.

But the main reason we do Rockathons and fundraisers?


Jesus saves.  The Son of God, Jesus Christ, came down to earth, lived a sinless perfect life, and in obedience to the Father, He died on a cross, while we were still sinners, to take the punishment for our sin and give us new life.  He rose from the dead and ascended into Heaven and is sitting at the right hand of the Father...ALIVE!  Jesus is alive!!!!  
He is our Lord and Savior.  We want to serve Him only. 

We believe that when Jesus commanded us to go and share the gospel and make disciples, that is exactly what is happening when a child comes into the care of New Day.

Is the baby sat down and 'offically' trained and discipled?  No.  But the child is loved with the love of Jesus.  The child is prayed over every single day.  The child is prepared in every way possible for a Christian forever family.

 The child is given a chance at LIFE (This is Marshall at New Day South NOW, a year later)

when they are on the brink of DEATH. (This is Marshall right after he came to New Day South)

We want to be a part of this as much as we can, being halfway across the world.

But Rockathons are not the only way to be involved in caring for the orphan.

And New Day is just one of many wonderful places giving children a chance at life.

Love Without Boundaries is an amazing organization that provides surgeries for orphans in China.  They recently have agreed to help a very special little girl named Selah.

Selah desperately needs heart surgery!

   Oh how can I not think of Kevin?


He needed his surgery right after he was born.


He might could have had his heart repaired if he had been in different circumstances his first few months.

But with God there are no "if onlys".  There just aren't!  God is sovereign and He ordains Kevin's days.

And He ordains Selah's days.  And she needs a heart cath to see if she can have surgery! 

I think of how relatively easy it is for Kevin to have heart caths.  Insurance pays for a huge portion of it.  We are not out of pocket hardly a bit.

But Selah?  She doesn't have a forever family with insurance.  She is an orphan.

But God has put people in her life to bring her to a place that can provide this heart cath!  And we can help them!  Isn't that EXCITING?????  Even $5.00 helps.  It DOES!  HERE is where you can go if you desire to donate!  And please pray for Selah...that her heart cath will reveal a good report on her lung pressures!

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The Byrd's Nest said...

Oh my goodness....God bless little Selah. I pray that all of these little ones can get the surgery they need. Kevin is such a special miracle:) Thank you sweet friend for making us all aware of what is happening on the other side of the world and how we can help;)