Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A Letter

Dear Santa's Helper at Brookwood Mall,

I hope you are having a peaceful, quiet Tuesday morning!

I wanted to thank you SO much for your generosity to my children last night.  I know that they looked pretty cute in their matching red Rockathon shirts, and you just couldn't resist giving them a treat.  You could have given them candy, or stickers, or maybe a coloring book and crayons.  But you didn't.  You went the extra mile, Santa's Helper.  

You gave them whistles.

Oh you gave them a choice, yes you did.  They could have picked a jingle bell necklace or a whistle.  You are SO thoughtful and sweet to let them choose!

And Kevin and Keith...you remember them, right?  The two 5 year olds who were dancing and wiggling and giggling and couldn't keep their hands off each other?  Yes, those two.  They were so musically inclined to choose whistles.

And now I get to hear the fruit of their musical efforts this morning as they blow them incessantly.  Incessantly, I tell you dear sweet Santa's Helper at Brookwood Mall.

I want to thank you also for adding to my sanctification this morning.

 There is nothing like an ear-piercing, deafening, incessant shrill to help sanctify me.  Oh and not just me, but all children in my home over the age of 11.

So thank you again, Santa's Helper.  From the bottom of my whistling heart to the top of my head with it's now-deaf ears.


A mom who is thankful for a basement play room and new rules which now state that all whistles must remain locked in that room!!!!!!


KK said...

Oh yes, whistles are great! :) I love hearing them before nine in the morning! ;)

Also, this morning Kevin woke up and said to me, "KK, daddy took my whistle away last night. But I want it now so I can go wake peoples up wif it!" :) haha! :)

- the daughter who is now bearing the consequences of opening the whistles...


I'll bet some of Santa's elves are going to steal those whistles before the dad who can't take a lot of noise gets home. Isn't it funny that the dad who can't take lots of noise has 10 kids? Talk about sanctifying... whew He has to work on me a LOT!

The Crazy Eight Toering Clan said...

HA I loveeeeeeee this!!!!! Sweet boys...they juts want to bring on the Christmas cheer! :)

Anonymous said...

Hilarious!!! Girl, what was that Santa helper thinking?

Kristi said...

So now I'm slightly thankful that at least one of my kids is still so scared of Santa that I'm instructed to go let him know what the M6 kids are requesting.

I may have giggled when I read this, but not at your expense. Of course not. Just because I've been reflecting myself how a boy defined is "noise with dirt on it" At my house they don't even need whistles...

southern cheesehead said...

Now I may choose to take my children to a different Santa. We have ALWAYS gone to Brookwood. UGH!

MamaHen said...

And another reason to avoid the mall! :)

I rate whistles right up there with balloons-they are either there for my santification or to slowly drive me to the looney bin. I cannot stand balloons, Easter bag paper stuff, or whistles. Guess what my kids love?

Keisha said...