Friday, December 28, 2012

Best Christmas Present Ever

I just received the best present ever!

Rob walked upstairs holding our new son!

Well, he was holding his iPad which was running a skype call with our new son!

We all got to "meet" Cooper and oh my goodness!  He is SWEET as pie!

He pointed to me and Rob and said "Mama, Baba".  He showed us his picture he colored.  He grinned at us and looked at all of his brothers and sisters with sweet curiosity.

And I am IN LOVE!  And I want to hop on a plane RIGHT NOW and go squeeze him!

But you know what?

Doug and Janice and Sarah Grace will squeeze him for me!  What a BLESSING!  I am so thankful and amazed at how God has worked all of this out!

Just to think how 3 years ago, Doug, Janice & Sarah Grace were loving and caring for our Kevin.

And now they are loving and caring for our Cooper.

To use a very profound and common word coming out of Rob's mouth lately:



I mean, imagine that you have a child, but you can't take care of your child yet.  You have to live far away from your child.  You want to hold your child, but it's just not possible.

But you do have family who can take care of your child for you.  They live with your child.  They can hold and love your child for you while you wait.

That is exactly how I feel.  If Cooper cannot be with us, then he is in the next best place here on earth---with our family in China.

If any of you reading are waiting on your adopted child, then your child has Someone taking care of him/her also.  Our Father in Heaven.

And He loves our children more than we do.  And He is the One who knows what they need each moment, and He is faithful to meet all of their needs!


Jennifer Taylor said...

Oh what a blessing!!! Isn't it amazing how God knows exactly what we need when we need it! I am so happy that Cooper will join such an amazing and Godly family!

Aaron and Erica said...

How very cool is that!!! What a sweet little gift from our Father to allow you to get to know your son through the computer. We are praying for you guys and I MUST call you soon to catch up!

Tanya Hindman said...

Oh, precious!! What a gift!

Trace Car Driver said...

Amazing yet not a bit surprising!!! Laine I am sooo happy for ya'll... God has been so good to provide all you need! I can't wait to see if #12 is coming with #11. Cooper is just too sweet, and I LOVE his name!!!Prayers for all of you and Cooper as he is far away, but what a blessing to know he is being well taken care of and loved on!!! XOXO

Mike and Barb said...

Wow, I have totally missed that announcement!
Congrats, and may the process be speedy.
Hugs, Barb