Monday, December 31, 2012

Ferrill Top 12 From 2012

Before reading the Bible on this last night of 2012, I asked the family what were the top 12 significant things that happened in our family this year.

Here are their answers in no particular order:

1. Katie Lyn got baptized
2. Katie Lyn went to Nicaragua by herself
3. Colby went on his first hunting trip
4. Colby had to have his appendix removed
5. Clay became a teenager
6. Katie Lyn got her braces off
7. We got matched with Cooper!
8. Quan went to his first Auburn game
9. Kimmie and Quan got to be flower girl & ring bearer in Kylie & Brad’s wedding
10. Rob, Colby, and Clay got to go to China on a mission trip
11. Keith had surgery on his rabbit (long story)
12. We didn’t move.
13. We fit 23 people in Granmart’s 2 br condo (sorry, mom)
14. We drove to Dallas, TX for a New Day reunion
15. Granmart sold the condo and it made us all cry (sorry, mom)
16.  Keith & Kevin started kindergarten and mom gained a lot more gray hair ;)
17.  We got to witness 76 year old Granmart go hang-gliding!

Okay, so that was 17 significant things, but Happy New Year anyway! 

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The Byrd's Nest said...

I am so thankful for 2012 and that I met your family in person...and hugged your neck...IN PERSON!!!!

What a great year for your family and 2013 will just bring even more love into the Ferrill family!!!!! Love you!!! Happy New Year!!!