Friday, January 11, 2013

Everyone needs a little...

...of these two.  Feeling sad?  Feeling overwhelmed?  Feeling tired?  Feeling old?  
Kevin and Keith are your remedy.  
Guaranteed laughter within 10.2 seconds of being around them.
Well, you'll either laugh or pull your hair out.
I choose to laugh!  :)
(And Rob chooses to call them Laurel & Hardy)


Paula said...

Just what my tired, old body needed to see! Thanks for sharing. I may need a little live and in person visit with them soon. Can you arrange that for me???

And as a side note, it is getting harder and harder for these eyes to prove to your blog that I am not a robot. Good grief. :)

The Byrd's Nest said...

They are SO precious together! Oh my...they have the best smiles:)

Kristi said...

Oh those smiles...

Keith and Kevin, you are too precious for words. I know that you supply your family with endless laughter and exciting moments.