Wednesday, January 30, 2013


When I look at videos of Corrie, I can tell she has some sort of brain damage from her cerebral palsy.  Her medical file indicates it as well.

And if I take my focus off the Lord, then I can get myself into a big tizzy of fear.

One thought leads to another, and next thing you know I'm going through all sorts of hard scenarios of how life might be in the future.

And I'm not saying I don't need to prepare myself.

But I AM saying that I need to prepare myself with spiritual armor....the Word.  Truth. 

Not my imaginations.  Those aren't truth!

I need to focus on God's Word.

And I need to remember His faithfulness.

How He has done such amazing work in His children.

I see Rebekah's little Jonathan and how far he has come.

And then I focus a little more....

On what's right in front of me....

A 12 year old girl who has blossomed in the last four years.

She didn't know any English.  And she didn't know much Chinese.  She couldn't even hear.  She certainly couldn't speak.

And this little girl, our Candie, told me something remarkable last week.

You see, Cooper is from a village that is just a hop, skip & a jump from Candie's village.

So Lord willing, Candie just might get to go back to LePing and see her foster mother again.

And she is really excited about that!

But what was amazing was when she said, "Mama, I can go back to my city...and tell the children about Jesus!"

This child who has struggled with every word for so long!  The child who hasn't been able to express her heart.  The child who I have longed for the day to have heart to heart talks with her, like a momma and daughter. 

She may not realize it, but her statement was a bright ray of hope for this momma.

And it reminds me to hope for Corrie.  I don't know how much Corrie can learn.  I don't know her capabilities.  BUT

I know Who made her.  He formed her.  He brought her file to us.  He brought her to New Day in His providence.  He has a plan for Corrie.  And it is good. 

And He is allowing us to be a part of His plan for Corrie.  for Candie.  for all our children.

How can my response be anything but PRAISE and THANKFULNESS!!!!!!!


MamaHen said...

Oh Laine-beautiful thoughts from a beautiful lady! I haven't even met Corrie and I am thankful for her and what she will mean to your family and to His Kingdom.

Kristi said...

Oh that fear. I've felt it too. The enemy does everything to try to stop us in our tracks...So thankful for a husband who never diverted from his thought of, "If God called us to this child, He will equip us to parent her..."
Praising Him with you ahead of time for the wonders you will see in her life!

Greg and Steph said...

Oh my goodness!!! My heart is overflowing with such great JOY!!!! When I first saw Corrie's picture with New Day, my heart and soul ached for her. I prayed hourly for her! I was sooooo thrilled to see she had a family!!! And now...Our FATHER is so good!!! Just to know that she will be with you and your AMAZING family!!!! I just cannot stop praising God for her and you!!!
Love you bunches!