Wednesday, January 2, 2013

January...A Month of Beginnings and Fresh Starts

We kicked the New Year off by sleeping late and eating black eyed peas.

We also had a family meeting to discuss necessary changes to our schedules.  The big change being that we need to begin with a SCHEDULE.  :)  I have never had a timed schedule of our activities and school subjects.  We just have a routine so to speak.  And we go by that routine as close as we can everyday.  Of course there are many interruptions and changes each day.  But having a routine has always helped us stay on track.

But this fall even our routine needed something more..something to hold us more accountable.  So now we are going to try a written out, timed schedule.  I don't like timed schedules.  I don't like thinking I'm "behind schedule" because that makes my perfectionist self stress out.  So I told the children that saying things like "We're behind schedule" is against the law.  :)

I gave the children the assignment today of making a schedule for themselves of tasks, school lessons, and activities they need to fit in to each day.  I told them to turn their schedule in to me sometime before bedtime.  About 10 minutes later, a certain red curly haired VERY scheduled 11 year old gave me her schedule with some hints on how to make MY schedule more efficient.  Next came a couple of boys' schedules scribbled on sticky notes.  And last was the 16 year old's printed out on Microsoft Excel spread sheet, color coded, with extra copies.  Don't you love how different children are?

Deep down, I'm really excited about having a schedule. I am hoping it will help me accomplish more during the day.  And wouldn't you know, after making our schedules (how many times can a blog post have the word "schedule" in it?) I came across this great article by John Piper.  

Here's to 2013!  Happy January 1st!   May yours and ours be filled with more Scripture, less fluff, more smiles, less complaints, more helping, less preservation of self, more hours in prayer, less hours on blogs, more hospitality, less laziness.  Help us, Lord!


The Byrd's Nest said...

In my mind...I love schedules. I love knowing what will happen...but then when it doesn't...I beat myself es bueno! lol

Yay for schedules being against the law!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Paula said...


Happy Planning!

MamaHen said...

Will you get your two planners over here to plan me? :)

I love your family!