Friday, January 25, 2013

When you don't know what to say...

Crickett just cracks us up! 

She LOVES to put her two cents in.

And if she doesn't have two cents, she thinks of something to say.

The girl is always talking!

My favorite is when she goes up to Rob or me or a sibling, and gives us the gospel.

"Jesus, He died on da cwoss!  Save our sins!  Rose again!  Dird day!  In Bethlehem!"  

(We'll work on the geography facts)

Today I was using the bathroom and she knocked on the door.  I said "YES?"  

She yelled through the door,


"Okay Crickett, thank you for sharing!"

Also today I was sitting on the couch listening to her "read a book".  She looked at me and randomly said,

"Merry Christmas, MOM"

"Okay, Crickett!  Merry Christmas to you too!"

And no, the book had nothing to do with Christmas.

This girl....oh my.

 Crickett and her New Day bestie Brooke (Meredith's little sister)  These two are so much alike!


KK said...

Ugh! How much cuter can it get??? :) Love you, George!! You are a princess to me!! Even if you don't always show it from the inside out! ;) Love your big sister, KK

Aaron and Erica said...

Such cuties! Maybe your sweet girl is going to be a missionary!!


P.S. I blogged :)

The Byrd's Nest said...

She is a HOOT! Love that girl:)