Friday, February 22, 2013

One Two Three!

I haven't updated in quite a while!

One:  Rob is going to Nicaragua tomorrow!  He is going on a 2 man mission with Brother Eric Hixon.  Oh we need your prayers!  They will be going into "new" territory and will have the opportunity to be salt and light to many new faces...please pray God will be glorified through Rob and Eric.  Pray for open doors for the Gospel!  They will be gone Feb. 23 thru March 1

Two:  Katie Lyn and I have a unique opportunity to go on mission together!  We are going to China
with ---------  We will be serving in 3 orphanages in southern China.  It is a trip much like the one that Rob, Colby, and Clay served on back in September with --------  We are so thankful for this opporunity!  Please pray that God will be glorified and that Katie Lyn and I will faithfully share the 
gospel when we have opportunity.  Pray for ripe hearts for a harvest!  Also, pray for Granmart as she will be manning the troops while Rob is at work during the day.  Thank The Lord for Granmart!  We will be gone March 2 thru March 9

I will keep you updated on both of these check back for Nicaragua updates from Rob and China updates while Katie Lyn and I are in China!  THANK YOU FOR YOUR PRAYERS!

Oh, and Number Three?


Now that is something to sing about!  I might just have to make up a song....


Jennifer Taylor said...

Wonderful!! Praying blessings on you all!!!

living4him5 said...

Wonderful update!

Praying for you all!!!


Anneli said...

I have to admit... as wonderful as the first two things are, I chuckled when I read the third... that is huge! :)

The Byrd's Nest said...

I am so behind in reading!!! Yay for Crickett wearing panties!!!

I will be praying for everyone sweet friend.

FYI...Greg is now the pastor of a church in Dallas...just down the street from the mall we met you at:) lol We are so blessed and so thankful for all your prayers! I love you!!!!