Monday, March 4, 2013

China Mission Update

From Laine on her Monday in China...

This morning we left the Garden hotel at 8:30.  We ate the breakfast buffet first though!  Reese cup waffles, I've missed them!  I drank apple juice in your honor, Carlie!  the ride to Maoming was about 5 hours.  We checked into our hotel and went straight to the orphanage where I did developmental assessments on lots of sweet children, one after the other!  I got to meet ---------- She is a doll and very smart!  Doug and Janice and Sarah Grace are here in Maoming and staying at our same hotel.  We all ate dinner together tonight...Sarah Grace says hello!  It has been wonderful to see the Bush's again!  

I am drained and exhausted after assessing children, and I will be doing it again all day tomorrow!  I love being with each child, I just wish I could spend more time with them.  But there are SO many children to test, and so we have to keep it flowing.  I am praying (Please pray too) that these assessments we're doing will help adoptive families in their decision...and that all of these children will have a forever family!  They are ALL so precious!  It makes me SO THANKFUL for my sweet Candie, Kevin, Quan, Kimmie, Keith and Crickett from China!!!!!  And thankful that Katie Lyn, Colby, Clay and Carlie are all about caring for the orphan!
Tomorrow we will spend the day at the Maoming orphanage again, and then we take a bus to our next city which is Zhanjiang.  We will work in the Suixi orphanage on Wednesday.
Please pray for Laine and Katie Lyn to have strength, endurance, and the filling of the Spirit as they serve on this wonderful mission opportunity.


living4him5 said...

So precious for me to read your post...How I wish I could love on some babies with you!!!

Find me a baby Laine!!!! We're working on paperwork through Lifeline for adoption #4!!!! :):):)

Praying for many blessings as you travel through China!

Love and hugs,

Laura P said...

Praying for you, Katie Lyn, and those sweet sweet babies looking for forever families, which are sure to come as God wills. Love to you all! Laura

Kristi said...

Praying, praying, praying!
And by now they are on the long flight home...praying some more.
It was such a fun blessing to know that Laine and I were in country at the same time! Looking forward to hearing more when she is home and has had time to love on those kiddos!
Love to you all!
Kristi and crew