Monday, May 27, 2013

I know His ways are perfect...

...and in the midst of waiting on our LOAs,
And making a land purchase,
And getting our house ready to put on the market,
And still having that familiar longing to be in China,
And wondering how in the world to even begin to build a house,
And second guessing if we are supposed to lay down roots in this farm land... (I thought if we ever moved, we would move to China),
I am learning all over again (haven't I learned this before?) that His ways are perfect.  And just when I think I have it all figured out, I realize I am not supposed to have it all figured out.  Because then I wouldn't trust Him.  I wouldn't need Him every moment like I do.

And I really do need Him every moment!

Just as in so many things in life, we have a lot of what ifs right now.  Lots of questions and not a lot of concrete answers... And that is good in this season.   

Even though I really like answers.  And you would think after several adoptions I would have this "waiting" thing mastered.   Not so much.

One more thing... Some people tell me we need our own reality show.  No thank you!   BUT... Let me tell you, when this house goes on the market and I have to keep it "show ready"?  With 10 children and all their stuff?   Now THAT would be an interesting reality show.  Only I will be living that reality!!!!  Oh me....
What was the title of this post again?  Oh yes.... I know His ways are perfect!!!!!


Anneli said...

Yes, they are... :-)

Anonymous said...

I have to learn that over and over again, too, my sweet friend! And it's REALLY hard because I am a planner! I like to know what's going to happen, I hate surprises unless they are good surprises that I kinda already knew about anyway (yeah, I know, kinda contradicts the meaning of surprise lol) and for the last two years as much as I have tried and as much as I have overcome (with His help) He continues to try and get through my thick skull that I MUST depend on Him and Him alone...every day for every thing. I'd be lying if I said I was never disappointed in how things work out sometimes but then again...I know it's because He has something better on down the line. Just wish He would hurry up about it! lol Yeah, my faith in Him is fine, faith in His timing needs a little (okay a lot) of work! Love yall!