Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Trio of Joy

Our little New Day West...Not really, of course...but we joke around and lovingly call ourselves New Day USA...just for fun! Oh these New Day babies who keep us laughing, keep me on my knees in prayer, keep me young, and keep me humbled...How we can't wait to add Cooper and Corrie to this trio of joy!

How thankful we are for them! And ALL of our babies, not just the New Day ones, of course! Even our teen-age babies!


Jennifer Taylor said...


Kristi said...

Oh sweet Crickett...your cuteness just slays me!
And Kevin ~ Daniel has those exact same pajamas! If we end up at the Garden Hotel with you guys (so praying we will) we'll have to have an evening pajama party...be sure to bring them!

Our Journey to China said...

I love it!!! So much character! So much love and energy!