Saturday, June 15, 2013

Emotional week!

I can't think of a more appropriate title.
This week has been devastating, joyful, silly, full of hard work, celebratory, with a daily dose of lessons in being patient.

The week began with me sitting shoulder to shoulder with my sweet friend who lost her precious baby boy from China.   We held each other as we heaved for breath and as the tears wouldn't stop.  

Later that same day I attended a baby shower for a sweet friend who is having her first baby.... A precious baby boy.
I was reminded that our loving God is sovereign over every circumstance.  How can it be one could go from mourning a loss to rejoicing over a birth?   God's grace is sufficient.  

Two days later my 14 yr old niece came to stay for the week.  What do you get when you put a bunch of teen-age cousins together?   Silliness and fun!

And everyday we wait on those LOAs.   That's where those lessons in patience came on the scene.   You can probably imagine.... Yet again God's grace is sufficient.

Amidst these days have been some other things going on which have been HARD.  Relational things.

And the hard work portion of the week took place when we would clean and clean for a house showing (or in case of a house showing).  We put our house up for sale 3 weeks ago.  That's another post in itself!  God's grace is sufficient!

And finally, we've ended the week with 3 more teen nieces coming to spend the night, (I love cousin sleepovers!!) and then a drive westward for ANOTHER niece's wedding!!!!!  What a beautiful fun wedding for Mabry!!  I just cried and cried remembering when she was the flower girl in my wedding!  Her wedding truly glorified The Lord and we are so excited for her and Jon's new life together!

Whew.   So if you ever wonder why I take big breaks between blogging, sometimes I'm just lazy.   But sometimes life's ups and downs happen so fast I don't know whether I'm coming or going and all I can do is depend on His is sufficient!   

Forgot to mention we took a trip to Yogurt Mountain, thanks to Aunt Lyn.  It's been a couple of years.... Anyone remember why?


Unknown said...

Kimmie's haircut is SO CUTE!!!! I'm praying for those LOA's...I can't wait to see the update!!! AND I CAN'T WAIT FOR A MEREDITH/FERRILL SLEEPOVER AGAIN!!! I miss you guys too much!! August maybe?! ;) Hugs to you Laine and praying for you!! Miss you, Birmingham Momma!!

The Byrd's Nest said...

Man your family cleans up GOOD!!! (hee hee) are all gorgeous!!