Monday, June 24, 2013

The Hills Are Alive

When we began to look for land, one requirement is that it would have the Sound of Music effect on us.  You know, where you just want to run through the grass and throw your arms out wide and sing VERY LOUDLY "The hills are alive, with the sound of muuuuusic..."
Do you know what I mean?
Well Rob and I found this land, and the first time we looked at it, it was just the two of us.   And we knew.  It definitely had the Sound of Music effect.   When we brought the children to see it, they agreed wholeheartedly.
Our oldest was the one who most desired land like this.
Yesterday after church we drove to the land to water our tomato plants.   From the road to the top of our land is a pretty long we always just drive through the grass.   But this day was particularly beautiful and the grass was just too irresistible for our oldest.  She had to run.  All the way to the spot where one day our new home will sit, Lord willing.

I admit, I am a city girl.  But this land is growing on me, and I find myself dreaming about future days when we will call this land "home" and enjoy watching our children continue to grow up and run free on this land.  We will see some go off to college, some get married, some learn to drive their Daddy's tractor, some tend a garden or take care of a horse, maybe some will pick me a sweet bouquet of wild flowers and I will put them on the kitchen window sill and stare out at the sunset from my big ol porch.   Maybe some of our kids will have their wedding on this land.   I told Rob that with so many weddings and birthdays and graduations in our future, we ought to just go ahead and build some sort of fellowship hall.   Don't you agree?  :)

Kevin and Crickett hijacked my phone while we were watering tomatoes.

And just so I never forget.... These two sit beside each other in the van, and their latest game to play is to fold their ears forward and chant "My ear is a taco!   My ear is a taco!"   Never a dull moment I tell you.


MamaHen said...

Oh Laine, this is so exciting!

Anonymous said...

I confess I haven't kept up as well as I used to but I must tell you when I do get a chance to read, your blogs bless me so much! Thank you for sharing your amazing life! Love you bunches!

The Byrd's Nest said...

Goodness gracious I'm behind....a fellowship hall is an AWESOME idea!!! DO it!2915

Our Journey to China said...

I am so excited for your blessing of land! You just have no idea!! I love the picture of KK running to the top of the hill! And the littles, oh my, how precious! :) I just have to tell you, that when you mentioned a 'fellowship hall,' I got goosebumps!! You know what that means! :) lol