Wednesday, July 3, 2013

A Day At The Land

With our China trip coming up this year (Please Lord, let it be this year....we still don't have our LOAs!  Oh I know in the reality of eternity in Heaven, this wait for the LOA does not matter one bit!  What matters is that God is glorfied through all of this!  But my momma heart REALLY wants those LOAs because my momma heart is partly already in China with my sweet babies.  Pray we can continue to wait well.  God has been so gracious and has done a work in our hearts to help us wait...but this last week, I'm wearing thin.  I've been so saddened with the loss of Teresa, a precious heart baby girl from China that we have been praying for God to heal her heart for 3 years.  He took her home this past Monday.  Her heart is healed, but our hearts break for her family who misses her so.)
ANYWAY, with our China trip coming up, we won't be heading to the beach this year....and that's okay.  Remember, mom sold her condo, so where would we stay anyway?
So we had a beach day at the land last Saturday!
We took our sand pails which we received as party favors at Ella Kate's birthday party, and we had some fun on the land!

Our first tree swing on the land.

Our first nap on the land (Keith and Crickett are out, but Kevin?  Totally faking it!)

Katie Lyn dug 26 too-deep holes in our garden, and then had to go back in and fill in 26 holes.  We learned good lessons on the land!

We made hay castles and more hay castles.....

I love my city boy turning farmer.

I kept looking at this view and the hay-bales and peenching myself saying, "God, have you really given this to us?"  Never did I dream of having hay-bales on acres and acres of pasture!  God knew all along what we needed.

And Crickett enjoyed blowing bubbles upon bubbles, another party favor from Ella Kate's party.  I think the sand pails and bubbles were meant to be enjoyed at the beach, but we live outside the box...and enjoyed our "beach" at the land!

I know yall might get tired of reading about our new adventure with the land....and that is the beauty of don't have to!  :)  But for those who are beside us in this, I am going to be posting periodically about our transition from city folk to country folk.  Yall, we really have no clue what we're doing....but we're learning from our precious friends who are so patient with us.  
I said part of my heart is in China, and it is.  But another part of my heart is on this land.  And the other part of my heart is right here in our neighborhood life....and I love all three!


Anneli said...

I LOVE your land, it's gorgeous! Reminds me of my home with the hills and farmland. :-)

Praying for those LOA's. "L"is for LOA.


The 4-O-7 said...

Your land is beautiful! I'm so excited for your family. We began our farming adventures in 2008. It has been a series of challenges and blessings that has strengthened our faith and our family. Our children have learned the value of team work, the satisfaction of hard work, and we all have an even greater appreciation for God's amazing creation. I hope your LOAs come soon. Isn't crazy how your days can be so full and pass so quickly and yet drag painfully by at the same time?! Maybe our's will come soon too. It would be pretty neat if we ended up traveling at the same time. :)
Blessings ~Tina

Anonymous said...

I love your pics! My favorite is of the nappers on the quilt! So happy for y'all!

Anonymous said...

It's beautiful! Springville was country to me, so you go girl! LOL

Jennifer Taylor said...

Love to read about your land updates! Praying for those LOA's!!

MamaHen said...

I am loving these updates Laine! What a wonderful place!

Kristi said...

Love the pictures of the kids enjoying where they are...but man I LOVE the pic of Rob on his tractor wearing his hat. :)
Praying, praying for your wait. Knowing with joy in my heart that He has something AMAZING in store with His perfect timing...

Tina said...

Hope your LOA is soon!! Bert will have tractor envy! He really wants a Kubota!! I love all the pics!

The Byrd's Nest said...

Your land is gorgeous!!!!! I absolutely love Kevin faking a nap on the blanket...ha ha ha:) Praying for those LOA's!!

Our Journey to China said...

OH, sweet friend, praying for your LOA's too! And the loss of Teresa has been hard on my heart, but God's heart has a plan. You are on my heart too. I am so very excited for you and your land! So excited to see how God has worked since our get together in February! We are praying for such a blessing in our life too. Oh, how I wish it was in AL though!! Again, God has a plan. Love and hugs, my friend!!