Friday, July 26, 2013

Goin' to the Chapel.....

And they're gonna get married!!!!

We are thrilled that our beloved Nanny Nell is getting MARRIED!!!!!
Nell is like my children's grandmother.  She held them as babies, changed bunches of their diapers, witnessed their first trip to Disney World, welcomed home our babies from China, celebrated countless birthdays with us, and always always spent Christmas Eve with us.  Since The Lord had not brought her a husband yet, Nanny Nell poured her life into my children's lives!  

And now.... In His perfect timing.... At age 58... After 40 yeas of waiting for her beloved.... Nell's sweetest dream is coming true! And it has been our dream for her too!  God has brought to her a godly man named Michael, and Nell is going to be a BRIDE!!!!!

And Carlie and Katie Lyn will be bridesmaids!!!!  What a precious time we are having....getting dresses fitted, planning showers, and rejoicing over the 2 lovebirds!!!

The date is set (September 28), the dresses are purchased, the church is booked, the caterer has been hired, the honeymoon is planned, and the bridesmaids wish it were tomorrow!!!!! 

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Our Journey to China said...

How awesome! And you girls are as beautiful as ever! :)