Friday, July 19, 2013

Welcome Home Quan!!!

Another sweet sight when we rolled in from the hospital yesterday with Quan!   He had his last surgery for his cleft (where they grafted bone from his hip into his gum line).  We praise The Lord for His mercies in this surgery!  It went perfectly and Quan is not in much pain.  And Quan is now finished with all his cleft surgeries, yay!!!!!  Next step: orthodontics!


Pandamonium Mom said...

So glad that went well for Quan. It's such a relief to have that one over with, I know. Hananh started orthodontics in January. So far, so good... Love that picture of all the sweet brothers and sisters welcoming him home!

Kristi said...

Wonderful news!
And please tell Quan that out of the blue yesterday Caleb asked if we could have a playdate with Quan.
Miss y'all!

Our Journey to China said...

So glad Quan is done with his surgeries! Big hugs to such a brave boy! We love you Quan!