Sunday, August 11, 2013

From Camping to Canning

The girls and I had a special opportunity to go to our sweet neighbors house and learn to make peach jelly!
It was the girls 2nd time in a week to learn about canning thanks to another sweet  friend who had them over!
They have peeled, mashed, boiled, mixed, poured.....
And just look at all the "fruits" of their labor!!!
We also had a friend give us her purple hull peas she had picked.  Candie did the most shelling!  She said she did that growing up in China.  She is a pro!  And now we have some peas frozen for later, yay!
And those?  Those are gallons of blueberries we picked at our friends' house!  All 12 of us were invited to pick blueberries and let me tell you, we picked them clean!  :). Thankfully God has blessed our friends with an abundant crop and their bushes keep on producing!  Praise The Lord for His bounty this summer!
I can't help but wonder what all we will be canning and freezing when we move to the land!  We have a good crop of bell peppers and tomatoes already.  Can you believe that I just typed that?  "We have a good crop" ??????  Of course it's all God's!  I am just amazed He let us have a crop!  Who would have thought this city girl would be learning all these things.  I am tickled!
Thank you Tammy, Lisa, & Mrs. Berdie Lee for helping us harvest!  :)


likeschocolate said...

Your going to have a tasty winter as you enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Kristi said...

Mmm, mmm, homemade peach jelly. Be sure to save a jar to share when we go camping together!

And I just had to smile as I imagined all those sets of hands picking blueberry bushes clean. I'm sure there wasn't a berry left to be seen.