Thursday, August 15, 2013


Soon I will have one more little boy walking down the steps with me for bedtime kisses.  

Soon I will be putting the trusty ol' crib back up in my bedroom for another little girl to sleep beside me.

Soon little Cooper and Corrie will be REALLY here.  Sometimes I wonder if this is all really going to happen.... but I know it!  I trust God!  

No, we don't have our LOAs.  But there has been progress so hopefully SOON.

God gives more grace.  Just when I think I am going to come apart, He gives me grace!  

Our friends the Millers, you know them?  The ones we were DTC with, hoping to travel with again.... They are leaving in a week or so.  That is so hard to believe! But I am so excited for them!!!!!  Please pray for their sweet Natalie that they are adopting, that God will prepare her for them!!! I am so grateful they are going to take Cooper and Corrie some treats from us.  That is a balm to my soul!  I know there is a reason (or maybe 1000 reasons) why we are not leaving in a week or so.  I know I may never know those reasons.  I am certainly not entitled to know, because God is GOD and He knows.  All I can do is trust and listen and obey.  

And in the meantime I will do what is in front of me to do!  Love my husband and my children.  Pour the Word into my children. Seek Him more.  And..... GO when He opens a door!  He has opened a door!  But not to China yet.... To Nicaragua!!  Katie Lyn and I have been given an opportunity to serve together in Nicaragua!  Operation GranMart will deploy in September to man the troops for a week!  I am so excited!  It will be my first time!  Would you please pray for us and the Nicaraguan people as we prepare to go?  Thank you!!!

August has been busy!  One birthday down, 2 to go!  A beach weekend planned, a lake day planned, school, and day to day life!   And peppers ;)
I love you peppers!!! 


Hannah said...

Interceding hard for your family and the two new "C's." Please, Lord, SOON!

Our Journey to China said...

Two more c's that beyond adorable! Praying, praying, praying. And we will be praying for you and KK to go on your September outing, what a blessing to go together. :)