Monday, August 26, 2013

The more we have.....

The more we celebrate!!!!
Katie Lyn - 17 (17?)
Candie - 13 (13?)

We officially have 4 teenagers!   In January it will be 5 teenagers, and 7 children age 9 & under!  Praise The Lord!!!

We also celebrate Candie's spiritual birthday.... She has put her faith in Jesus Christ!  Rejoice!  Her daddy will baptize her in a swimming pool!  Ain't nothin' better!  :)

Crickett got her ears pierced.... Of which she is super proud!  No tears, just a calm and collected "ow".  :)

Keith--one down, one to go.... And then we will have the cutest toothless grin EVER!!!! 
Every birthday morning we pile on our bed to open presents.  Sweet tradition!

The dress she says she is getting married in on Sunday.  I am thinking she needs to go with a little something less RED, don't you?


Ruth Marie said...

Well you know the Chinese wear red at their weddings so she is being chinese I was just telling Grace L. how much I was missing you just yesterday

Keri Mason said...

Girl you need a bigger!

Our Journey to China said...

Beautiful dress and earrings, Crickett! And oh "Happy Happy Birthday, Candie and KK!" Everyone is getting so big! What a blessing for Rob to baptize Candie. God is so very good. :)