Sunday, September 15, 2013

Hello Nicaragua!

First meal in Nic, thank you Maria, the best cook in the world!!!  Rice & beans, fried plantain, chicken fingers, and the ultimate Pico de gallo!

I am sooooooooo happy to be here!  And at the same time, I am sooooo missing my family!
(Evidence that my children are getting bathed while I am gone!  Hee-hee)

We arrived safe and sound last night.  This morning we had the privilege of going to worship with our Nicaraguan brothers and sisters.  Two pastors on our team shared awesome messages to strengthen and encourage the church.
Here are some of our brothers and sisters coming to church.  Praise The Lord!!!

I find myself comparing Nicaragua to China.  I know they are soooo different, but somehow they are the same too!  Maybe it's the language barrier, or the tropical heat and rain (hello Zongshan!), or the crazy traffic, or the beautiful skinned people with black hair, or the people hanging out at store-fronts along the road.... Something about this place makes me miss China!!!
Ready for church!

Katie Lyn and Hannah taught the children in church this morning, and tonight we will go to a different church.  How beautiful it is to hear familiar songs sung in another language.  Again I am reminded of church in China, but mostly it makes me think about how glorious Heaven will be!  Every tongue, every tribe, every nation....
Thank you for your prayers!  Our work has just begun....


Anneli said...

Yeah, you are there!!! Praying that you have a wonderful trip!


P.S. Currently sitting in the Hong Kong airport waiting for my flight to Malaysia. :)

Our Journey to China said...

So glad you had the blessing to serve with KK and I KNOW that as much as you were blessed to be there, they were blessed to have you as well. Wow! Double blessings....only God Himself can move in such beautiful ways! Love and Hugs!