Wednesday, September 4, 2013


I am SO excited about this privilege of getting to go to Nicaragua and serve alongside Katie Lyn yet again!  She is a senior in high school now, and the clock is ticking down the days when she will fly from the nest.  Our opportunities to serve beside each other will be slimmer and slimmer, so I can't tell you how very thankful I am to be able to do this with my girl!

We leave September 14--TEN MORE DAYS! Eeeeeeek!

I am so thankful that Rob WANTS me to go!  And that my Mom WANTS to come spoil  my husband and children! 

I am also dealing with mommy-guilt about leaving for a week....and I'm talking to the Lord MUCH about that.  I struggle with leaving, knowing that the place I first desire to be is in my home, teaching my children!  Yet, I want to obey the Lord, and sometimes He gives me these opportunities and I waffle with what to do.  Usually when Rob is GUNG HO that I go, then I commit it to prayer and the Word, and God assures me that He is guiding me through my husband.   I truly am so thankful to get to do this.  I have the desire to go to Nicaragua, Rob has the desire for me to go, and God has given us the provision and opportunity to'm going! 

Katie Lyn and I will be serving at a women's conference.  The teacher of the conference is....hold your breath....are you sitting down?  ME!  Eeeeeeeeek!  Please pray for me!  I am used to teaching children, not ladies!  So this will be wuh-hay out of my comfort zone.  But I'm excited about it and pray that God will be glorified above all!  I am completely inadequate.  But from past experience I think I remember that God is sufficient, amen? 

We would love to bless the women at the conference with some resources to help them disciple in their home.  (That's what I will be teaching on...making disciples!  Again, totally inadequate but trusting the Lord!  He will give me the wisdom and words, I know He will!)

Would you like to help us bless these Nicaraguan women?  Women I haven't met yet, but women I already feel connected to as I've been praying for them!  Any amount of donation would help.  AND, it's tax deductible!  Leave me a comment if you would like to help, and I will email you the info!

If you would like to help, but not in a monetary way, then please pray!  That is what we need most of all...your prayers! 


Danae said...

Hi Laine,

Nicaragua must be the place to be! Our daughter leaves on Monday for a 2 month stay as a house mentor for college girls. She will be in the city of Jinotepe.

I will be covering you and your daughter in prayer!

-Danae, Reagan's Mama

Tanya Hindman said...

Oh, this is so exciting! I would LOVE to hear you speak. You seek God's face constantly, and you are a momma who loves Jesus, her husband, and her family. God is going to use you in a big way in the lives of those sweet ladies there. I will be praying!!

Our Journey to China said...

Praying, my friend, definitely praying. :) But I have total confidence in you, you and our Heavenly Father, alongside sweet KK will indeed be what these women need to minister to them. God is with you and shines in and through you both. You got this with Him girl!! Much Love and Big Hugs!