Friday, October 18, 2013

Reasons I don't blog much

Hey my name is Quan, and Mom hasn't been blogging lately because she has been busy teaching me long division and receiving all the beautiful pictures I draw for her. She says she can't believe I am almost 9!

Hey my name is Keith and Mom has been busy teaching me to read and watching my teeth come out left and right!  She says its a wonder I can eat anything with all those teeth missing!

Hey my name is Crickett, and Mom hasn't blogged because she just sits around and watches me be cute.  I keep tellin her that I am gonna marry Micah, so maybe she's busy making wedding plans for me.  :)

Hey my name is Katie Lyn, and I am gonna tell it like it is.... Mom doesn't blog because she is on Instagram now!!!   She's also busy praying for me in my Senior year as I prepare for college or whatever The Lord intends for me!  Mom and I have enjoyed being on mission together this year, and have grown closer than ever!

Hey we are Clay and Colby, and Mom doesn't blog because she is busy taking us to get braces on the same day.  And teaching me (Colby) to drive.  And feeding our bottomless pit stomachs.  And putting bricks on our heads because she says we are getting too tall and our voices are too deep and she is in denial that we are growing into MEN!

Hey I am Candie and I am 13 now, can you believe it?  Mom can't blog because she is teaching me all kinds of things around the home, and fractions too.  Personally, I think the house-keeping skills are much more fun!  Mom says I am growing into a beautiful lady inside and out!

Hey I'm Carlie and I am 12 and Mom can't blog much because she's busy teaching me how to grocery shop and make our breakfasts in the morning.  Mom says I could run the house myself if I needed to!

Hey my name is Kimmie, and Mom's been busy takin me to violin and being amazed by my perseverance.  She says that I don't let anything stop me!  She has also been teaching me long division with Quan, but violin is much more rewarding!  :)

Hey my name is Corrie, and Mom has been busy getting ready for ME!  She says that my article 5 (whatever that is) will be picked up Monday and then she will be waiting on TA!  

Hey my name is Super Cooper, and if you want to know why mom doesn't blog much, see Corrie's explanation!  I sure hope Mom is busy buying me some trains and cars to play with!

Hey my name is Kevin.  So you wanna know the REAL reason mom doesn't blog?  Just take a look at my grin.  That says it all.  She says I ask her so many questions and that she wishes she could be my own personal google search, because she just doesn't know the answers to some of my questions.  She takes a lot of deep breaths for some reason, especially when I start asking her questions.  By the way, can any of you tell me?  Do sharks eat dolphins?  Do sharks eat jellyfish?  Do dolphins eat jellyfish?  Do sting rays kill each other?  Do sharks eat their babies?  Do they do they do they do they do they do they?  And why are you taking a deep breath now?


Tanya Hindman said...

This is great!! Love your family!

Tina said...

I really enjoyed this post! So cute!!

Hope your TA comes quickly!!

MamaHen said...

Love this Laine! I might borrow it from you. And no-Katie Lyn cannot be a senior. I am declaring it a no.

Holli Denham said...

I am so inspired by your beautiful family. I love keeping up with you through Instagram! Love you all!

The Princess's Mommy said...

Why are you on Instagram and I am not??? What is Instagram? How do I get on it?? Please help. I'll just have to ask LM. She will know. ~M

Kristi said...

Instagram? (insert whine) I don't know what that is, but I'm gonna have to learn so I can keep up with your family. Can I just tell you how much I (and the rest of the M7) miss you all!!!

And just to add, you'd better invest in a digital camera for Cooper too. Cause he's gonna want yours if you don't. :)

Praying that TA comes so fast it makes your head spin. And also praying that you'll indulge all of us watching from home in at least a post to tell us who is going...

And we will get to follow your trip somehow, won't we? ;)

Love you!

Anonymous said...

All of your children are beautiful but I am the most amazed by Candy! She doesn't even look close to the same little girl you brought home years ago! What a transformation! And if I can ask, what are Katie Lyn's (and God's) plans for after this year? Just lovingly inquiring because I love your sweet family!